FAQ about Masks

How do I know what size to order?

  • XS will fit 2 years to about 5 years. Measured at 3″ or less.
  • S will fit between 5-teen years. Measured between 3-4 inches.
  • Medium will fit older teen and a typical female adult. Measured between 3.5 to 4.5 inches
  • Large will fit a typical male adult. Measured at 4-5 inches.
  • XL will fit an extra large face. Measured between 5-6 inches.

How do I measure my face?

Starting at the TIP of your nose down to the bottom of your jaw bone. Do not measure between the eyes, but rather the tip of the nose, where it points out.

The cloth fits, but the elastic is too big; what do I do?

If the elastic is too large for you or your child, you will just need to rotate the elastic until the know is showing. Re-tie the knot to the desired length and rotate to hide the knot.

Do you only sew face masks?

NO! I have been sewing for over 13 years and can make a lot of things. In the past I’ve done t-shirt quilts, closthes and costumes for my kids, pillows, aprons, bags, quilts, bean bag chair, pajamas (even matching Christmas ones for the family). The list goes on and on. I don’t do embroidery or smocking.

I can do vinyl iron-on shirts, backpacks, lunch boxes any fabric really.

I can do permanent vinyl to label anything kitchen supplies, kids toys, you name it.

I am a very creative person and love making things. Even better when it’s for you. I also teach sewing lessons and quite enjoy doing that as well.

What color fabrics to you have?

All my fabric choices are shown on the home page.

What are my image options?

I pull all my images from online as an svg file. So the internet is your limit.

What is your pricing?

  • A mask with no image starts at $5.
  • A mask with an image with 1 color is $10
  • A mask with an image with 2 colors is $12.50
  • A mask with an image with 3 colors is $15
  • A mask with an image and a personalized name is $15

How do I pay?

I accept cash, check or Venmo @Jenny-ThisMomMade

How do I get my masks?

  • pick up at my home in Woodland Creek in Pike Road, AL
  • meet up somewhere in Montgomery
  • free shipping to any state in the US.
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