Face Masks

Tired of having to wear an ugly face mask every where you go? Order a custom mask, and you can wear an awesome mask every where you go. Custom means custom, so you can get whatever you want, from the popular options below. If you have specific needs not covered here, contact me, and I’ll do my best to accommodate them.

Choose a Mask Style

Rectangular Mask

Do you have fantasies about George Clooney or Ellen Pompeo as your co-worker? Do you want the classic “little black dress” of medical fashion? This mask is for you!

Fitted Mask

You’re a rebel who takes no guff from anyone! You blaze trails where no one has ever been before, and perhaps never even knew they wanted to go! This style is for you, modern fashionista.

Choose a Strap Style

Tie Straps

For people who need flexibility on the go. Don’t be tied down by conventional mask holders, tie your mask up, to you.

Elastic Straps

Tying straps on? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Get elastic straps for speed.

Choose your fabric:

Let’s build something together.

Make it your own (examples):

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