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Places we’ve explored as tourists.

Family Pictures


While we were out riding our bikes, I wanted to stop and get some family pictures at a couple of places.  Hubby obliged and we stopped, and we self timer-ed our own family photos.

Other than the fact that we’re in our workout clothes, we’re hot and sweaty and my face is all red because I’m tired.  I quite like how these photos turned out.  Ok, I think they are great locations.  I could really work more on how I look.

I like this shot because you get a good view of the whole city behind you, some of the lake, but you can still be close up to us.  C1 was super cute, he put his hands on my shoulder all by himself, we didn’t prompt that.

Field Museum


When we went to the library, we got in line to get ourselves a library card. Lucky us, the people in front of us were returning the Field Museum pass; so I snatched it right us and we went to the museum right after nap time.

The public libraries have a great system here where they have one pass to each of the museums here in town, which you can check out and get free admission. With the closest library it’s rare to find the pass you want when you want, if at all. The passes are always checked out. So we got pretty lucky to get such a good pass right then.

When you walk into the Field Museum you have to go down a hall lined with pictures before you get to the ,aim part of the museum. When we got to the first picture C1 got super excited and we almost had to drag him down the hall to even get to the attractions. We stopped and played in the children’s play section for a bit. We had fun in the music room playing as loud as we could. Playing on the farm, picking corn.

We walked around and saw all the stuffed animals, the birds, jungle, ocean, all sorts of wild animals. These are both Interesting and freaky to me. I love to be able to see them up close and all, but I’m afraid of them as well, I fear they are going to come to life and get me.

We all had a good time and hope to give our kids this kind of learning experiences often. Thank you Chicago public library for providing us the free pass.

Summer goals


I found this great idea HERE, and liked the fun way to remember the fun things we wanted to do this summer. The original idea was to have your kids do chores in order to pick an activity, but C1 is a bit little to have regular chores.

Some of the things listed on our summer fun list is:
Swimming pool
Make crayons
Children’s museum
Hotdog stand
Field museum
Self family pictures
Navy pier
Movie day at home
Play group 4 times
Play with grandma and grandpa
Visit cousin in WI
Art institute
Sox game
Botanical gardens
Play group 4 times
Taste of Chicago
Face fountains
Go fishing
Cold stone
Six flags
Get a fish

We have just about done them all and a few of them wont get done this summer, but that’s ok.

I liked this idea so much, I decided to do a list for crafts and me things I wanted to get done this summer.

On my list:
Pillow cases
Catch up on farmers wife blocks
Learn to play 1 hymn on the piano
Jog a personal 5k
Yoga mat – gift
Sewing lesson
Pin cushion on machine
Swim robe
Be attitude quilt top
Finish a book
Pillow shams
Baby snuggle wrap
Jenny’s garden quilt
Donation quilts
Art smock
Makes ties to sell in UT
Scan photos for dad
Cut squares for space invader quilt
Circle jean quilt
Quilting practice quilt

I think I will continue this format for each season of the year to help me break down my 101 in 1001 goals.
I also get a bonus this summer because I get until the end of September.



Navy Pier


On Saturday we decided to go for a bike ride up to Navy Pier.  It took a while to get there on our bikes, but we were more about being out and together than getting to our destination quickly.  It’s about 10 miles from our door, to Navy Pier and it took us about 45 minutes.

Once we got there we decided to go on the farris wheel.  So we paid our money and got on the farris wheel and when up and around.  It was Hubby and C1’s first time on this farris wheel.

We then decided to get ourselves a Jamba Juice while we walked around for a bit, then biked back home.  It was a lovely way to spend our Saturday morning.

I’ve been really enjoying riding our bikes and wonder how we didn’t buy me a bike sooner.  I think our Phil & Ted stroller misses us though.

Taste of Chicago


Taste of Chicago was on my list of things to do this summer.  We almost missed it.  Usually ‘the Taste’ runs for a week or two.  This year, 4 days.  A friend instagramed about their trip, and it reminded me to look up the dates.  We had to go the very next day or else it would be over before we got a chance to go.  It had been raining off and on and Hubby wasn’t to excited about going; I talked him into it.  He hitched up the trailer for C1 and rode our bikes downtown.

For those of you who don’t live in Chicago, Taste of Chicago is the best Festival around.  A bunch of restaurants set up a booth downtown and serve a small ‘taste’ of what their food is like.  You buy a bunch of tickets, then each menu item costs so many tickets.  It’s great for us to see what restaurants we might like to try going to for our date nights.

We started off the day with some delicious garlic potatoes.  The extra butter made it taste even better.

We then made our way to some yummy bruscetta.  We ate it so quick that I forgot to take a picture.  We wanted to make sure we got a main dish so we headed straight for the sausage.  Hubby got the octo-sausage, and I stuck with the traditional on a bun sausage.

For dessert I wanted to try the chocolate covered banana, but when we got to the booth, Hubby wanted the churros.  We figured we could make chocolate covered bananas at home, so we went with the churro.  We also knew we wanted the Rainbow Cone.  So many flavors.

While I went up to the booth to get the Rainbow Cone, Hubby held C1 and stood out of crowd a bit.  Once I used up all our tickets to buy the cone I went looking for my boys and couldn’t see them anywhere. The icecream was melting all over my hand, so I started eating while I was looking.  I looked and ate and looked some more, for 10 minutes, and the icecream and cone was gone.  Frustrated that I had to eat the whole cone by myself, knowing we never designated a spot to meet, just in case.  I headed back to our bikes, and there my boys were, waiting for me.  Hubby was sad that he didn’t get any ice cream as well.  We hopped on our bikes and headed back home.

One and a half


I’m not exactly sure why being a year and a half is such a big deal, when no other half birthday seems to be.  We decided to sort of make it a special day to celebrate C1 being alive for a year and a half.

We started by going out to what is known to have Chicago’s best Polish; Jim’s.

We each got a Polish and my, my, they were yummy.  Their fries were quite good as well.

This place is a hotdog stand in a building.  No dining, but there is a shelf along the wall for you to stand and eat.  Even though it was hot, I did feel quite Chicagan.

We then made our way over to the PetSmart to get C1 a fish.

This little guy had a blast looking at all the fishes.  We also go to see the parrots, the dragons, the rats, the guinea pigs and lots of dogs.

We decided on a blue and red beta fish.  We found this submarine on clearance, so I just had to get it.  That’s C1’s little finger.  He is in love with having a fish.  He helps me feed him every day and enjoys watching him.

Once we had our fish picked we went home and got our swim gear on and headed to the gym pool for family swim.

C1 loves the beach, so I thought he would have fun at the pool.  Not so much.  Daddy swam laps, and C1 clung to my neck as tight as he could for the whole hour.  If I loosened my hold on him, he would tighten up.  He had on a float vest, so I was trying to get him to play on his own, but he just would not let go one bit.  I do think he enjoyed watching everyone in the pool though.


Happy one and a half birthday buddy.  We had fun celebrating your life.  I’m so very glad that you are mine and that you are such a cute and happy boy.

Art Institute


Saturday we had planned on going to the Botanical Gardens, but it was rainy, so we went to the Art Institute of Chicago instead.    It was fun to see all the art.  Some I knew of, and lots I had never seen before.  This piece is from the Roy Lichtenstein collection.  There were tons others of his I wanted to snap a photo of, but they were off limits because it was part of a private collection.  I did take one, but security makes you delete it right away.  Apparently I have good taste, because all the ones I really liked were “NO PHOTOS”.

C1 got most excited to see the lion statues that are out front of the building.  The bus dropped us off right at the front steps, it was nice.

Afterword we went to the mall (near the Water tower) to have some lunch.  I didn’t realize there was a Lego store here, and enjoyed the lego version of down town Chicago.  All the buildings and water is all made from Lego’s.

After lunch we had to go to Ghiradrdelli for a sundae.  The peanut butter fudge one to be exact.  I would show you what it looks like, but I love it so much, I don’t think to take a picture until I’m done.

On our way home we tried to catch the train.  It was SO full.  Packed to the gills.  Thankfully there was a train not far behind, that was practically empty.

So we took that train.  C1 loved climbing all over the seats and sitting by himself.  It’s so much fun to get out and be with Daddy.  We’ve come to learn to enjoy living in a city and all the fun things there are to do.  With a house so small, we have to get out and do things; it’s fun.