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Holidays we celebrate as a family.

Happy 4th of July


Typically for the 4th of July we BBQ at ‘The Point’ and then watch the fireworks in the evening.  However this year, it’s just so dang hot, we didn’t feel like sitting in the park all day cooking ourselves as well as the food.  We had a loose plan for the day, but nothing really for sure.

We woke up about 7am (which for C1 is sleeping in); and decided to go to the beach.

It. Was. Beautiful.  The water was so smooth and so clear.  There were a few other people there with their dogs as well.  Hubby thought about swimming, but it was just too cold.  The temperature was in the 80’s outside, so not too hot or too cool for the beach.  We walked out up to our chest.   It was just wonderful to be out there.  I thank God for the beauties of the earth and the joy that it can bring.  I thank Him for the blessings in my life.  There was no better way to celebrate my independence that to wake up and decide to go to the beach and do as I pleased.

After a nice nap for everyone we went out to get a few more things for our BBQ.  We had to get some orange cream pops.  C1’s car seat is now full of sand and a sticky mess.  But it was well worth it.  We picked up a friend, did a little BBQing out back and had a yummy lunch.  We put C1 down for another nap, so we could be out late to see the fireworks.

At 9pm, Navy Pier did their fireworks show, and we sat and watched from about 7 miles south at ‘The Point’.

It was amazing to me to see all the people out on the rocks and in the lake to watch the show.  This was when we first arrived, there was at least twice this many people.

While we couldn’t feel the boom, it was still a great show.  I love watching fireworks.  I heard last year someone said they saw one in the shape of the Chicago Cubs “C”.  I’m waiting for the day when fireworks say “Will You Marry Me?”  That would be awesome.

C1 was pretty beat from such a fun day.  We decided to put take him in his jammies, so that we could just put him straight to bed when we got home.  I love that his tummy is sticking out.  Thank you to those who have fought and still do fight so that I can be a free woman and have the family of my dreams.



In our church children don’t go into the Nursery until they are 18 months old.  Well, both hubby and I serve in the primary (3-11 year olds), hubby plays the piano, and I teach a 3 year old class, sunbeams.  Because they needed us both, they let C1 go into nursery 4 weeks before his 18 month birthday.

I’m such a proud mama of her boy.  He goes right on in and doesn’t even look back.  I had to peek on him the first day a few times.  Not really a good idea, because once he saw me he came to the door, but he went back and played without a cry.  He mostly just watches the other kids to figure out how things work.  The leaders tell me he does great.  He eats nicely at snack time, plays well and doesn’t cry.

He loves it with all the toys, and all the friends.  Oh, it just warms my heart that he’s such a good boy.  I’m so proud of him.  Now if we could just get him to sit still during sacrament.

It also helps that he has such a great Dad.  Hubby can’t play the piano without C1 sitting right next to him wanting to play too.  We’re hoping he keeps up the interest in piano, so we can get him into lessons sooner than later.

He just loves his daddy so much.  Hubby is such a big help to me as well.  He knows when I’ve had a rough day and takes C1 and plays and cuddles, and he’s so good about singing and reading to him as well.  We love you Daddy and wish you a HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

Memorial Day


I realize that Memorial Day is for those who have passed on, but I think of anyone who has been in the military.  I think how grateful to them and their families I am.  This kind of thing didn’t be so much in my mind until I married a Solider.  Lucky for me, he came home safe from Iraq and we married shortly after he got out of the service.  But I still have other family members who are serving, and I realize that it can be such a sacrifice for the families of those who serve.

*the day (hubby to be) came home from Iraq

I just want to say, Thank You.

Tortilla Bowls


For my birthday my Mother gifted me some tortilla bowl pans. You just take your tortilla, and bake it in the pan for a little bit and it hardens into a bowl shape.   Hubby and I make our own tortillas, but now we can make any tortilla into a bowl.  I love it!

So, shortly after I came home from our trip, we made taco bowls for dinner.  It was so much fun, and I loved having all my ingredients in an edible bowl.

We did this again the other night when I made a new recipe Mexican Haystacks.  Instead of using the chips they recommend, we made the bowls.  I changed the recipe a little, because we don’t use sour cream any more, we use Greek Yogurt instead, and I didn’t have the ranch mix, so I used a different mix I had.  Oh, I also didn’t realize I was suppose to do it in the crock pot, so I just did it on the stove top and it worked out fine.  Hubby said it was the best meal I’ve made in a while.  No pictures, but we’ll be making it again, and I suggest you make some too, it’s super yummy.  (*the recipe does make a large portion, so cut it down if needed).

CTR Towel


When each of my nieces or nephews turn 8, they have the opportunity to be Baptized into our church; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  For this special occasion I like to make them a little gift.  I made one for my nephew here.  Well this July I have a niece who will be turning 8 and being baptized; so I made this towel for her. I try to use their favorite colors.

I also include a poem that I found online about being clean and pure like the white towel and that just like the towel can be washed when it’s dirty, we can repent and wash away our sins.  It’s a cute poem.


These are such simple gifts, but I think they are so great and practical.  Happy early birthday H.  We sure do love you and wish you the best.

Happy Celebration


Today is my 28th birthday (I think I’m 28, I loose track and feel 24).  Since C1 and I were in Utah visiting family on my birthday and on Mother’s Day; and my MIL has a May birthday as well; I made cupcakes.  MIL and I splurged a little and bought the fancy cupcake liners, but we did have a coupon, so we didn’t pay full price.

I had been wanting to try a recipe I found HERE for pink lemon aid cupcakes, with pink lemon aid frosting.  So I made them to celebrate all these wonderful occasions all in one.  For our birthday’s MIL and I went out to the movies while Grandpa and C1 spent some time together.  We saw “Mirror, Mirror”; which is the evil queen’s version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Good movie and a good one to see with my MIL.  Thanks for the night out.

These cupcakes turned out super YummY.  We didn’t want too many in the house, so we shared them with the neighbors.  I did a simple rose like frosting to make them look like flowers to match the liners we had bought.