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Padres @ Cubs


Today was fun.  We went to a Chicago Cubs baseball game.  To me, baseball (or any sport really) is slow and boring to watch.  But the atmosphere of being at a game is great.  Apparently we went the same day as a ton of Mormon Missionaries and were sitting right near them all.  Top row straight up third base behind the home plate.  That was fun, but we wanted to stretch out some and let C1 run around a little more than our assigned seats allowed, so we moved seats; a section down and between third base and home plate.

We made sure C1 took his nap early so that he would wake up when it was time to go and be happy while we were there.  It worked out great.  He was happy the whole time, he loved riding on the train to get there and back.  He cheered and clapped and ate his stadium food.  It was so much fun to be out as a family.

It was so fun to be sitting where we did because we were so close to two foul balls.  The first was half a section to our left and 7 rows down.  The second foul ball was 5 rows right in front of us!  While it would be SO cool to catch a game ball, I’m glad one didn’t come flying right at us.  I wouldn’t want C1 or me getting hit by it; I don’t fear for Hubby, he has good instincts.  We did go down and ask the man who caught the second foul ball if we could hold it and take our picture.  He was very kind to let us do so.

We ate our lunch, cheered for our teams; Hubby for Padres, me for Cubs, had our ice cream and headed home after the “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” song; which was led by DUFF GOLDMAN!  I was kind of star struck.  We watch his show ‘Ace of Cakes‘.  I really wanted to see if there was any way for me to go up and meet him and get a picture.  But alas, he was up in the announcer booth and there was no way I could meet him.

The game was super fun, and it was on our list of things to do in Chicago before we move.  But the real adventure started after the game and on our way home.  We took the train to the game and got on the train to go home, until the train stopped.  The driver announced that there was a building near the tracks that was on fire and that the tracks in that section were closed.  So the train went back to the last station and everyone had to get out and find another way to go on their way.  Tons of people were quite upset, but I was more worried that the fire didn’t hurt anyone.

The transit people acted fast.   They had pass cards for people to use so they wouldn’t have to pay extra to take an alternate route.  They guided us where to go to get past the closed section and get back on the train.  The bus was packed!  I don’t know if this was planned, or just buses backed up, but three buses showed up at the stop to transport people down to the next station to continue on their way.  We were all packed into the bus like sardines and we made some new friends.  Quite a few of the people had also come from the game.  One guy in crutches had a box from the game and apparently the first so many people to show up, got a free bobble head doll.  He looked at C1 and gave it to him.  What a nice man.  Lucky for us, we stood squished next to a passenger who knew that part of town and how to get back on track.  So we sort of followed him on which bus stop to get off of to get back onto the train to take us home.

C1 had fallen asleep on the bus, and slept most of the way home which was good, days like this wear him out.  It was such a great day.  I’m so glad that my poor mood lately didn’t ruin this fun experience of having to find a different route home.

Fun Highlights of today:

1. Going to the Cubs game

2. Seeing Missionaries

3. Being really close to people who caught a foul ball (2x)

4. Seeing Duff Goldman in person

5. Being re-routed on our way home and meeting nice people

6. Receiving a free bobble head

7. Spending time with Hubby

8. Knowing we have the cutest kid in the world.

Five Guys


Five Guys Burger and Fries just opened up in our neck of the woods city.  It was one of the restaurant Hubby and I would pass around town and said we should go to, so tonight, we went.  We had to walk there, taking the long way around, so as to burn off extra calories for what we were about to eat.  The menu looks similar to In N’ Out Burger; simple with only a few things on it.  The food, was good.  I wouldn’t say the greatest, but I’d eat there more than once.  Hubby compared it to Steak N’ Shake.

On our way home it started to hail, then it turned into just a lot of rain.  Lucky for us we ducked in a CVS looking for ice cream when it started, so we didn’t get wet.  Yummy Date Night.

Oh, and Hubby fell in love with their soda machine.  He talked about someday having a soda machine in our basement (along with a popcorn machine and other such fun things).  He now wants This kind of soda machine.  It’s new.  It’s digital.  It’s pretty cool.  You select the type of soda you want; Sprite, Coke, Fanta, etc. then it gives you flavor options; cherry, strawberry, lime.  It was pretty sweet.   The picture isn’t the best.  I was kind of embarrassed to take a picture of a soda fountain.


Date Night Downtown


Hubby decided for date night we should ride the bus downtown and have dessert at Ghiradelli. 

I won’t turn that down, I LOVE their Gold Rush; peanut butter, fudge and ice cream; YUM.  It’s also fun to take the bus on occasion.  This particular bus ride was C1’s first time on the bus.  The poor thing was so tired, but because we were out, he was so stimulated that he couldn’t fall asleep at any point during our little outing.

On our mile walk to the shop we stopped by the new statue.  Marilyn Monroe.  It was sad to see men going around back to see what was under there.  It’s interesting to see what statues they put out.  Last I remember it was American Gothic.

Blue Man Group


We’re celebrating Husbands birthday all week end long.  It started yesterday by taking him out to lunch (no C1; he got to play with friends while we were out).  We went to Fiesta Mexicana Restaurants up in Lincoln Park area.  It was good food, great service and the decor was nice, but not over bearing.  During lunch I gave hubby his birthday card; with a surprise present in it.  Tickets to go see Blue Man Group; that day; right after lunch.  I’m not good at keeping secrets from Hubby and it was hard to keep this one.  I would tell him how excited I was for our date and he couldn’t figure out why, we were just going out to lunch; but I knew we were going to a show as well.  For the past two weeks, Hubby has been trying to guess what I got him for his birthday.Lunch didn’t take quite as long as I thought it would so we walked up the street a bit and found a Cookie Bar desert place.  We walked in and almost became diabetic, you could smell the sugar.  We made custom ice cream sandwiches.  I got peanut butter cup ice cream with a peanut butter cookie on one side and sugar cookie on the other.  Hubby got the chocolate ice cream with a mint flavor cookie and classic chocolate chip cookie on the other side.  Sugar overload, but it was so yummy.

I used a coupon code to get free tickets to the Sky Deck at Sears/Willis Tower; and ended up getting front row seats for only a few dollars more per person.  Score!  As we took our seats we put on our ponchos to protect us from paint splatters.  During the show they do 3 canvases of art with the splashed paint; as they went to hand out the first one, I kept yelling that it was Hubby’s birthday, so they handed me the first splatter of the night!  I’m not the type of person that wins things, so this was oober exciting to get.  During the show; two of the three men walk out into the audience by walking on the arm rests of the seats.  They grabbed our heads for stability and climbed their way back.  Blue Man Group is such an interactive type of show; and such a fun treat.  Hubby was able to bring out his inner child and as I looked over at him, he looked so happy and I just know this surprise gift was a HUGE success and that he loved every minute of it.

On our way out the door we saw some of the Blue Men out to take pictures with, and to make it quick, Hubby took one of me with the splatter painting with one of the Men.  The picture isn’t the best because we were trying to be fast about it.  Usually I’m the one to blink in a picture, but this time it was the other guy.  And depending on how you look at it, I’m holding the picture upside down.  We’re going to hang it in our house with the other side up.



This Mom took me (Hubby) to see the Blue Man Group for my birthday. I have wanted to see them for some time now, but not nearly as much as This Mom did. However, I must say that it was one of the greatest birthday presents ever.

For those who are unfamiliar, the conceit of the Blue Man Group is that they are three blue aliens interacting with the Human world for the first time. The show itself is actually a modern vaudeville show, with individual sketches and improvised music. There is a fair amount of social satire, and I was surprised at the wit that most of the audience did not get. Also, the show is incredibly interactive, in that the Blue Men would literally walk out into the audience, and the occasional announcements would request that the audience do things like cheer, stand up and so on. On the whole, it was one of the most immersive and entertaining things I have ever been to in my life. I would totally go again, and while the tickets were more expensive than a few movies, I doubt I have seen any sum of movies as worthwhile as this show.

Insofar as we have been to several shows this year, starting with the Lion King, and including the Million Dollar Quartet, The Nutcracker, and of course Blue Man Group I am really enjoying live entertainment much more than anything else that I have habitually enjoyed. In fact, some of the shows have really reawakened in me an enjoyment of life that I had feared I had lost to the cynicism of the monastic scholastic life. I really hope that we can continue to attend these productions. It is a blast.


Back To This Mom Speaking:

Tonight (Sunday evening); we had some friends over for dinner and enjoyed their company.  Then my cousin and his roommate stopped by on his way back up to Wisconsin.  We all endulged in some cake (that I decorated) and ice cream (both mint chocolate, hubby’s favorite).  Thank you all for coming by.  Cousin, it was great to see you again, hope you do well in school this semester.

Once the guests had gone we decided to open presents tonight instead of tomorrow (his actual birthday).  His Mom got him a nice book “One to Sing, One to Haul” (sailor duets); a sweet card from my Mom, and I made him some pj pants that he picked out the fabric for.  I plan to make C1 some matching pants for when he’s 1, 2 or 3 (I might have enough fabric to make for each age).  None for me thanks, I think they look like clown pants.

My dear, I hope you had a wonderful birthday and know how glad I am to be your wife.  Happy Birthday.