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Crafts Mommy has sewn.

Hanami by Straightgrain


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Welcome Straightgrain readers.  Thank you for stopping by.  When An asked if I would test out the Hanami pattern, I had to say yes.  An creates some beautiful dresses and I am so blessed to test her patterns.  While I only have a little boy at home, my friends girls are luck to get a free dress from me for modeling it.

Hanami Dress Hanami Dress

Hanami Dress

I love the cross back and her sleeves are perfect.  This dress is comfortable to wear and great is so many way.  I love that An designs her patterns with options.

Pattern Tester + Giveaway


Sadly I have not done a lot of sewing lately.  My priority seems to be C1, which is good, but it leaves little room for me to be me.  The only sewing I’ve done lately is being a pattern tester for StraightGrain, a wonderful blog about sewing kids clothes.   She was recently on the hunt for people to test some patterns she has been working on, and I was lucky enough to try out both of her new dress patterns.  Her first pattern I tested was the Bubble Dress.  If you know me at all you know I love bubbles, and this dress is just as adorable.


The brown version has a collar on it, which is hard to see in this picture,  but the floral one is just so wonderful and shows off the bubble quite nicely.  I love this dress.


Next up she asked me to test her Tinny dress pattern.  This pattern is so versatile and has so many options.  There are 4 different collar options, 3 skirt options and 2 sleeve options.  She has a wonderful invisible zipper tutorial in her instructions and on my version, I added the pink belt for an extra touch.  This is only one of the many combinations you can create with this dress pattern.IMG_20130515_094555 StraightGrain patterns are very well written, very clear to understand and are simply put wonderful.  If I were you I would go to her shop right away and buy one of her patterns.  They are a great deal and a wonderful addition to your pattern collection.  And because I hope to be blogging again more regularly, looking for more readers and because Straight Grain is so wonderful, I will be giving away one Tinny Dress pattern. I will select a random winner on the 23rd, so all comments must be submitted by midnight of the 22nd.  I know it’s been months since I’ve posted anything, and so this is a way to wake up any readers who may still be out there.  Also, I just want to thank my dress models for allowing me to try these dress on them.

Swim Shorts


I found this cute fabric at my local shop and didn’t really know what kind of fabric it was.  To me it felt like male swim shorts, so I decided that’s what I was going to do with it.  So, I had to buy some mesh like fabric as well.

I’ve never made swim wear before, and didn’t really know what I was doing.  I thought that if I could make shorts, and I could make a diaper cover, then I could make swim shorts.  So, I made the outer layer into basic shorts (no pockets, but I should have).  Then I took the grey mesh and made a diaper cover pattern out of it.  I fit the underwear lining into the shorts and made a casing for the waist, to hold the two together.  Ta-da, swim shorts.  Super easy and so far have worked great.  Maybe soon I can do a tutorial or something for them.  Let me know if you would like to see a tutorial on how to make boys swim trunks.

New Shirts


I’m expanding my homemade wardrobe, and I love it.

This shirt i started making not long after Hubby and I got married, 4 years ago.  I learned to sew as a teen, but after leaving the house, I didn’t get my own sewing machine until I was married.  I knew some, but I wasn’t very good.  I cut out the pieces for thus shirt, got to step one of sewing and gave up, because something didn’t  work.  I don’t remember, but I think it’s that I didn’t know how to sew knit fabric.  I pulled it all out again and finished it up in a few hours, almost without a hitch.  I’m glad to know that my skills have expanded over the years.

This was fun to make because I just made it up as I went.  nothing fancy at all.  I’ll have to write up a tutorial for this.  It seems to be my favorite shirt right now, but the weight of the fabric is best for fall weather.  I like the color as well.  It’s exciting having a hand full of homemade shirts in my closet.  Now if I could learn to make my own pants.

Flower shirt


I was running low on my boy fabrics, so I went to JoAnn Fabrics to get some more. On my way to the check out I walked past a maniquine that was showing off a pattern for a shirt. I liked the neckline of the short, so I bit. I bought the pattern on a whim and made my way home. I picked out the knit fabric that I wanted to use and got to making myself a shirt.

I love quite a few things about this shirt; the neck line is flattering on me, it was super simple to make, and it doesnt have sleeves, but still covers my shoulder. I tried it on when I was done to show Hubby and he thought It looked a little big around my middle and didn’t look good.

I ended up adjusting the sides by taking them in even more. I am really enjoying my new shirt. It close to the first time using knit fabric and it the only shirt I’ve made myself that fits well.

Shirt refashion


I don’t like to shop for clothes. Most of what is in my closet is a hand me down, homemade or something I just happened to get. Turtlenecks, or high neck lines don’t look good on me, it makes me look larger than I already am. However, half my closet has necklines that are too low. I usually wear a camisole or something under. I don’t like wearing so many layers, especially in this hot summer we have been having.

I decided to finally do something about my shirts. I took all my camisole shirts, cut them up a bit and sewed them into my shirts. Now I can wear my shirts all by themselves and I love it. I have extra shirt parts, so I can “fix” any more shirts I need.

Art Smock


I’ve been wanting to start doing more and more art projects with C1.  Wanting to use paint, I didn’t want his clothes to get too messy.  So I whipped him up an art smock for him.

I used the Oliver + S pattern found in the book “Little Things to Sew”.  I has elastic around the neck and wrists to keep paint out.  This dog fabric is what Hubby got to wrap my serger in for Christmas.  It’s perfect for this art smock.

In the back it has a simple velcro at the top.  I’m sure you could include velcro in more spots along the back, but I just did the one strip at the top.  This way I don’t care if he gets paint on him, the smock is allowed to get stained.

The white table you see is perfect for C1’s art table.  The great thing is, I found it in the trash!  Funny thing is, a week later I saw another on in the trash in black.  Not only did I get a free table, I can pick what color I want!  Chicago sure is great.  Never knew I would be such a dumpster diver.


Happy art creating.