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Quilts Mommy is working on; or possibly finished.

Quilts Finished


I’ve mostly been posting about all the fun that we’ve been having this summer, which has been great.  But I have been sewing this summer to.  It’s just taken me a while to get pictures of the things I’ve made, so I’m just now getting around to showing them to you.

For these quilts I got the fabric from my MIL stash back in May.  I also did most of the work back in May as well, but some of the quilting and binding didn’t happen until late June.  This first quilt is an hour glass quilt.

With so much color in the fabric collection, I’m glad I chose to do a white.  The hour glass is an easy pattern to do, but it’s a bit time consuming.  I love how this turned out and how bright and fun it is.

For the back I decided to piece some fabrics together.  The salmon color was higher priced than I usually pay, so I didn’t buy as much.  I also made a little mat to put in the room with this quilt to use as matching decor.  I like having a pieced back; something I don’t usually do.


This other quilt was super fun.  It’s a basket weave quilt.  As it sounds, the fabric strips are weaved together just like you would make a basket.  There is a tutorial HERE on how to do this.  I really enjoy these blues and greens.  Once I wash the quilt, the edges will fray a bit, which is the point of this quilt.  It’s also great because as you “piece” the quilt, you are also quilting it.  It’s just tricky to get all your pieces tight while you’re quilting.  But again, am pleased with how this turned out.

As of now, I’m too in love with these quilts to sell them, but maybe in time I’ll make other quilts I love and won’t mind selling these ones.  However, if you are in love with one of them, and really want to buy it, give me a shout and we can possibly work something out.

Quilts for kids


Out in blog land there have been some posts about Quilts for Kids. I loved the idea and wanted to join in on the fun. I went to the website and ordered two quilt kits. I waited for two weeks and haven’t seen a package. I gave it a day more and then decided to call and follow up.

Apparently they had just done an add on Greys Anatomy and have had a ton of requests and were behind. They said that if it didn’t arrive in another week, then the order probably got lost and to reorder.

I waited another week and still no quilt kit. I decided not to reorder, but to just use my own fabric. A friend of mine, who recently moved, gave me a stack of fabric. She was going to make a bed quilt, but decided that she wasn’t going to finish, so she gave me the fabric.

We used her fabric and made 5 quilts, according to the size requirements of quilts for kids. We made some simple ones, and some with a little more style. It was super fun to work on these and we got them all done and shipped in a month.

My Day Off


As a Mom, you don’t really ever get a day off.  It’s a 24/7 kind of job.  Earlier this month we had a miscarriage, so a friend of mine was kind enough to take C1 so that I could have a day off.  It was wonderful.  I had time to do what ever I pleased without having to be a jungle-gym to my boy.

I started by watching a bit of TV while I sorted through our 2010 and 2011 year end files.  I usually do this at the beginning of each year, but C1 was born and I just never got around to doing it until now.  It felt good to go through all that and finally get it cleaned out.

Next I figured out how I wanted to quilt a quilt I’ve been working on.  I bought and started cutting the fabric for this quit May of 2011.

It feels good to finally be quilting this thing.  I’m not that great yet at machine quilting, but with practice, I feel like I’m getting a little better.

I’m loving how this is turning out.  I don’t usually use solid colors or white in my quilts, but I LOVE this quilt.

It looks so good on our bed.  It did take me a few days to hand bind this thing, but it’s now done and I’m so in love.  I still have the pillow cases to make and the pillow shams.  The pattern for the quilt is “Jenny’s Garden”


All in all I really enjoyed my day off.  I took my time in the shower which was nice.  Hubby picked up C1 about dinner time, we ate, put him to bed and spent time together as a couple.  I hope I can have a few more days off in my 20 something year career as a Mother, it sure was nice.

Quilting up a Storm


I tell my Mom frequently that she needs to finish projects that she has started.  And yet, I am starting new projects all the time without finishing others.  I also read recently about Quilts for Kids on a few of the blogs I follow.  I ordered my quilt kit and while I waited for it to arrive, I decided to finish up some of the quilts I had started, but not quite finished.  These two quilts will be going in the shop.


This one is fun because of the fuzzy of the squares and the fun colors.  A straight line quilting with a fun green stripe on the back.


This next one also has the fuzzy fabric, but is accompanied by pinwheels.  A much smaller quilt, with some stippling throughout.

I’ve learned that I really enjoy making these smaller baby sized quilts, they go quite quick.  The great feeling of a finished product is great, and I get to try out some techniques I’ve been wanting to try.

Flower Garden


I started this quilt in Utah last summer.  I thought I was going to add more around the border or do something fancy on the back, but I simply didn’t have the fabric I needed.  It has taken me this long to realize that and to finally finish this quilt.

The quilting is a leaf type thing in the center of each square and then some loops in the flower corners.  I still need lots of practice on my quilting, but I think I’m starting to get a little better.

This quilt will be going in the shop:

Payson Quilt Show


Last year when I went to the Payson Quilt Show I signed up to enter a contest.   They give everyone who signs up a matching fat quarter.  You then have to make your own wall hanging out of it in any way you choose, but you must use a % of the fabric and the mini quilt can only be so big.  This fabric was so fun, and quite frankly I didn’t know where to cut it.  It took me a while to decide, but after doing the snowball quit for C1’s first birthday quilt, and the fabric had monkeys playing in the snow, I had to go with a snowball pattern for the mini quilt.  I fussy cut out the monkeys and added white and light blue is all.  When I was binding the quilt I decided to cut the corners to make it look snowball-ish as well.  It’s hard to tell, but I quilted it with snowflakes in the white areas.

Another hard thing for me is, I have to make something that will not only win the contest, but something that I like because I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this once the contest is over.  I think it’s cute.  I’m sad that I won’t be able to attend the quilt show this year to see my quilt on the wall, but I’ll have my MIL enter it for me and take pictures of it in action; along with some of the other quilts that people made from the same monkey fabric.

A decor rug…


made from scraps.  You may remember this beautiful quilt my SIL put together and had me quilt for her.  Well, while I was visiting Utah, I found she had some scraps of that fabric left, so I decided to make a little mat out of it.

It fits nicely under some bottles my SIL had used to decorate a guest bedroom with.  I love being able to use up scraps and make more things for a room that match.

In case you wanted a reminder; here is the quilt in action, and my SIL also made a matching round neck pillow that I love that stays on the bed.  I love how bright and welcoming this room has become with a few new touches.