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Things Mommy made with her paper supply.

Summer goals


I found this great idea HERE, and liked the fun way to remember the fun things we wanted to do this summer. The original idea was to have your kids do chores in order to pick an activity, but C1 is a bit little to have regular chores.

Some of the things listed on our summer fun list is:
Swimming pool
Make crayons
Children’s museum
Hotdog stand
Field museum
Self family pictures
Navy pier
Movie day at home
Play group 4 times
Play with grandma and grandpa
Visit cousin in WI
Art institute
Sox game
Botanical gardens
Play group 4 times
Taste of Chicago
Face fountains
Go fishing
Cold stone
Six flags
Get a fish

We have just about done them all and a few of them wont get done this summer, but that’s ok.

I liked this idea so much, I decided to do a list for crafts and me things I wanted to get done this summer.

On my list:
Pillow cases
Catch up on farmers wife blocks
Learn to play 1 hymn on the piano
Jog a personal 5k
Yoga mat – gift
Sewing lesson
Pin cushion on machine
Swim robe
Be attitude quilt top
Finish a book
Pillow shams
Baby snuggle wrap
Jenny’s garden quilt
Donation quilts
Art smock
Makes ties to sell in UT
Scan photos for dad
Cut squares for space invader quilt
Circle jean quilt
Quilting practice quilt

I think I will continue this format for each season of the year to help me break down my 101 in 1001 goals.
I also get a bonus this summer because I get until the end of September.



Oh, Wow.


It’s been 3 weeks since my last post.  Sorry.

I’ve been a little lost/out of it.  Hopefully it was all for a good reason.  I mostly took a nap when ever C1 did, so I wasn’t terribly productive these past few weeks.  I do have some things to post about, so I should be able to get back on track this up coming week.   My goal is to post every week day, so I may take this weekend to pre-write some of my posts about the few things I have worked on.  We’ve had some fun and have some fun up ahead of us as well.

Because I don’t like posting without a picture, feast your eyes on this: Rules of the Home:

I found it on pintrest, but apparently didn’t pin it myself, so I can’t link back to the designer.  I’m so sorry designer.  If you know who it is, let me know so I can credit them properly.   I may see if I can adjust the colors in Photoshop and hang it in the kids room or play room one day.

AAAAHHHHH it’s Friday the 13th!

January Goal Review


I have a few goals each month that I’ve set to work toward my 101 in 1001.

Make 2 Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt squares each week:  These got addicting and I made quite a few more.  I was aiming for 9 and I made 11.  I already have 3 more done for the month of February.

Make 1 Be Attitudes square each month:  I was so wrought on what fabrics to be using.  I went through my scraps for the applique pieces and still very unsure with my choices.  I took it to my Mom with a plea for advice.  I switched out a few fabrics and got all the applique pieces cut and with fusible webbing on them ready to applique.  She also helped my decide what fabrics to use for the background log cabins.  I just need to cut out the log cabin pieces each month, sew it together and stitch around my applique.  I’m actually hopeful I can get this done by mid year instead of end of year.

Read 5 pages from the Book of Mormon each day.  I missed an entire week completely and I’m not great about remembering every day.  I’m suppose to be on page 160, but I’m only on page 99.  Not too bad, but not where I set forth to be either.

DigiScrapbook the same month from the precious year.  Once I looked to get started on this my digital paper was all disorganized and I couldn’t find what I wanted.  January was a busy month last year because that’s when C1 was born.  So I decided to start with February; I only got 1 page done and I should have at least 8 or so for the whole month.  I need to take the time to organize my paper and embellishments, so it’s more enjoyable to work on this digi scrapbook.

January had a bonus goal; Nothing New; to stop me from spending money needlessly.  I did really pretty well on this.  I didn’t follow my rules exactly, and I did spend at least $60 on fabric I hadn’t planned on buying.  But it was something I was keeping my eye out for and hadn’t seen it at my regular shops.  Now I have another quilt I want to make.  I’m in the works of designing how I’d like it to look.  Decisions, decisions.

Things you may have missed from October


I don’t know why, but I just haven’t been in the mood to blog, for months.  I finally sat down and just started writing.  And now I have a ton of posts that are old dates, but I just posted them.  Note to self for a new year goal; post daily so I don’t have to post 10 in one day.  Sorry it’s been a while, but I hope you enjoy catching up with what we did in October.  *November and December will be coming soon.

October 13th Canning

October 20th Sharing Our Bed

October 26th Sunday Shoes

October 28th Halloween Part 1

October 29th Halloween Part 2

October 31st Bed Quilt


Didn’t quite make a post for every day and I did skip over some I planned to do, but deemed them not important enough to post anymore.  We’ll see you soon in Novembers posts.

Out of Candy


I combined two different ideas to create this:

I found the great print at Anything but Perfect; she has all sorts of great printables.  And the frame idea was found at A Diamond in the Stuff.  I used like she did the green paint for the background, but I did a larger frame.  I like how her’s has a nice and thick space for the eyes.

How to make one like mine:

Supplies: green paint, googlie eyes, frame, hot glue

1.  Go to Anything but Perfect and download and print the “out of candy” print.  Send her some love for sharing such a great print for free.

2.  Find a cheep frame at any store (I found my at Walmart for $4) with an opening for an 8×10 photo.

3.  Paint your frame green. Let dry.

4. Start hot gluing eyes all over the frame.  Work your way around the entire frame.

5.  Insert your print and display.



I was always taught to keep a journal for posterity’s sake.  I do occasionally enjoy flipping through my own old journal entries; well, the once in a blue moon that I did write in one.  And while I do have a copy of my great grandparents journal, I have never read it or have the desire to as of yet.  So my question is, how important is it to journal, and why, and does a blog count as a journal?  As I have been typing up my old journal entries (in case posterity tries to read it and can’t read my handwriting, I’m typing it up) I realize how boring my life was as a kid.  It seems as though all I did every day was watch television, or talk about boys.  I only wrote superficial things, never dug deep in my heart to spill everything I was feeling.

I tried keeping a journal of C1’s birth and our time together in the days and weeks following, but after about a month or so it dwindled to not writing at all.  I’m always trying to play catch up in my journal, looking back on my calendar trying to remember what had happened in my life.  I’m just glad I wrote his birth story down, but I guess sometimes it might be nice to remember what pregnancy was like.  All I can recall was I loved being pregnant.  It wasn’t always perfect and happy, but I loved it.  I’ve tried doing a few lines in a journal every day, but that never stuck either.  As you might can tell, I’m not much of a writer.

So who is journaling really for and why is it so important?  Do blogs or scrapbooks have the same effect as a journal?  What’s your opinion, what do you think?  Do you keep a journal?

*because I can’t not include a picture of my sweet boy.  Why is it that the best moments of them are when they are asleep?  C1 likes to sleep on his side / stomach.  Such a sweet kid.