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Instagram Week: July 23-29


I’ve sold items and taught sewing to save my money to buy an iPad, but I also would like a bike.  Can’t buy both, which do I buy, iPad or a bike?

Someone is in love.

Now the whole family has a bike.  Where should I take C1 first?

Scream and shout!  I just rode us to Gymboree!  My mile keeper crapped out, but it’s like 10 miles, up a hill past the Target.  I can hardly believe that I made it alive.

Too cute.

Too much yumm.

Rode our bikes to navy pier and rode the farris wheel.

The water feels so good this morning.


Help me reach mommy.

Instagram Week: July 16-22


Giving our friend Leo some love.

Little man hit the jackpot.

Hours of fun, and hopefully learning.

I made this shirt about 4 years ago, haven’t worn it in a while.

We just rode our bikes to the taste of chicago.  20 miles, and I haven’t ridden a bike in years.

We have the best trash ever.


*ya, right when we were talking about buying one, we found it in the trash!

Morning cuddles

I love finding deals.  I’m going to make some swim shorts our of this, with the grey as the underwear lining.  Wish me luck, I’ve never made swim shorts before.

We’re coloring.

Instagram Week: July 9-15


He’s always climbing on me.

Yummmmm…. Chipotle.

Coloring on the walls has begun.

Where we play.

Didn’t even fall off.

A baby blue whale found in it’s grassy habitat.

A old picture of me and my cousin.

Old photo with cousin, new photo with cousin, both at a beach.

Instagram Week: July 2-8


Happy 4th of July.

Fireworks are 10 miles away, on the far right of picture.  9pm and it’s 95* outside.

Summer fun, going to Gymboree.

Dig deeper!

Painters tape fun.

He turns 1.5 on Sunday so we bought him a fish.

His new tie for nursery.

This is what happens when you don’t wear shoes or socks during the summer.

U of C law school reflection pool

Instagram June 18-24


I just don’t understand who would buy a neon suit jacket.

This way he can be in charge of the cart all by himself.  Until he found the toys anyway.

Going down the slide.

Lunch date with Mommy.

C1 decided to help me baste a quilt by putting tape on the chair.I can’t get any sewing done, he just wants to be outside.  I kind of don’t blame him, it is beautiful out.

Doughnut dessert

Love my cuddle boys.

This is quite a drop, he sure knows how to scare his mama.

Instagram June 11-17


Finally binding a quilt I started over a year ago.

I started this a year ago.  It’s finally done and on the bed.

This is why I don’t enjoy the beach.  Oh well, we keep going.  I just need to make friends to help lotion me up.

We just love when my cousin comes to town to play.  Just another day at the beach.

We’re playing inside naked while my sunburn heals.

Playing in the dirt of the baseball diamond.

I enjoy dressing him up for church.