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Other General Crafts that Mommy did.

Pears in a Jar


A while back, you may remember, I did a post about making Pears of Twine.  I love these pears, but I wasn’t sure how to display them.  I didn’t have a bowl just the right size to fit all three pears, and they don’t stand up on their own.  Then, out in the trash, I found some jars.  Three, the same, from Ikea.  I snagged them up and started using them for other things.  Then I realized, that the jars would be perfect to hold my pears.


I got out some blue sand that I had bought a while back and filled the bottom of the jars with a little bit of sand to help the pears stand up.  I have these sitting on top of our china hutch.


I love how it holds them up to display them and helps tie everything in together.  I also love that just about everything to make this was FREE.  As I mentioned the jars I found in the alley (trash), the light bulbs and twine to make the pears were trash and a hand me down, and a twig for the pear stem from nature.  I’m sure I could have gotten sand from the beach and dyed it blue with food coloring or something, but I had some sand that I purchased a while back, so I used that.

My pear themed kitchen in coming together quite nicely.  I love it.

Non Skid Socks


Socks just don’t stay on my child’s feet very well.  I’ve found a few brands that stay on, but they don’t have the rubber on the bottom to make them non-skid.  With wood floors, we kind of need that feature.  And while I very much appreciate my MIL buying us socks for C1, we didn’t need more socks, we just needed to make the socks we had non-skid.

So I followed a idea found that I found HERE; and made my own.  We bought some fabric puff paint and got to drawing on C1’s socks.  I’m no artist and my Superman design is UN-recognizable.  We had fun doing it, and they work great.  And I have plenty of paint left, so as he get’s bigger socks, I can continue to draw my own designs onto his socks.

*I think the arrows is my favorite.

Pears of Twine


Since I’ve decided to pears in  my kitchen, I’ve been keeping my eye out for pear ideas.  In all the blogs I follow I saw this cute idea found on Grosgrain.  It’s light bulbs turned into pears, by covering them with twine.  I had the twine on hand, but we only have the newer spiral light bulbs, so I didn’t know where to get old round light bulbs.  A neighbor had put a sack of light bulbs in the basement (we live in a condo, so we share the basement); saying they were for free.  I love it!  A price I’m willing to pay.  I snagged 3 of them up, plugged in my hot glue gun and started wrapping the twine around them.  We went outside and got a twig for the stems and they were ready to go.  C1 tries to grab at them, but I don’t know how fragile they are now being covered in glue and twine, so I be sure to not let him play with them.

Hubby seems to only see that they are light bulbs, but a friend hadn’t seen a round light bulb in so long, he only saw that it was a pear.  I’m pleased with the result.  I’ve been doing well at finding brown pear items.  Blues and greens are hard to match, and I’ve made everything I want out of fabric with matching fabric, so having all the brown accent pears is a great touch.

A New Sewing Chair


Previously I used a large nice office chair at my sewing table, because well, my sewing table was also my computer table.   I could sit all day at this desk going back and forth from computer to sewing machine because the chair was so comfy.  It was also kind of big for the space we have.  So I found a smaller chair for sale in my neighborhood and picked it up and it worked great.

It looked a lot like this.  Simple, basic, no bells or whistles.  Just a basic chair for sewing.  I had also looked at places like JoAnn Fabrics for a sewing chair, but they wanted $100 or more, and I found mine for $10.  It’s not too much to look at being all black, but it was exactly what I was looking for.  Until one day I decided to take it apart and put a prettier fabric on it.  During C1’s nap, I sat and pulled out staples and pulled the whole thing apart.  I then used the pieces as patterns, cut out of my new fabric, and started stapling it back together.  The padding didn’t look so good, so I also added some scrap batting layers to help pad it up again.

This is what it looks like now and I love it!  Calming and peaceful and helps me feel more creative.

The Party Hutch


I’ve mentioned this hutch before, and quite honestly didn’t think I’d get it painted very quickly.  Partly because I couldn’t decide on a color which holds me back from buying paint.  Also, it just wasn’t high on my project list.  Then I heard an ad on the radio that Ace Hardware was giving away a free quart of paint to help advertise their new brand ‘Kensington and Clark’, so I stopped by to get paint for C1’s room, but then found an “oops paint” for C1’s room, and it was too late to tell the guy I wanted a different color, so I got my free pint in yellow.  I also had some green at home that we bought when we were painting our home, and debated between the two.  Hubby is particular about his green, so I went with yellow for the hutch.

It took two coats, and I had to paint during C1’s naps since he wanted to ‘help’, and I couldn’t let him.

I’m pleased with the outcome and with the lighter color, it helps our dining room feel open and not like there is a big piece of furniture in the way.  It’s also nice to have all of my party type items in one spot nice and organized.

Change is Good


I’ve been making a lot of changes around here.  You may have noticed, but I’m ready to announce my big changes!

First off, I’m changing my blog name.  I will no longer be; I am now  You have until July to switch your RSS feed. will expire in July; but for now it automatically reroutes you to  Change your bookmarks, change your RSS feeds to and stay tuned with me and my crafty adventures.


Second, I’ve opened an Etsy shop!  There isn’t much in it now, but I’m working hard to make my inventory.  If you’ve seen it on the blog, then chances are it’s going in the shop.  If you’ve seen anything on the blog that you’d like me to make for you, just let me know and I can do a custom order for you.  The shop is called ThisMomMade: Custom Sewing for Home and Family  You can find it at  I’m excited to be opening a shop and hopefully by this summer I can have enough inventory to do my first booth at a festival/fair.  Check it out, tell your friends, buy stuff from the shop.


Third (and lastly) I’m getting myself some business cards.  I went through a company called and have enjoyed the process.  I was even able to view a sample of my card (Acrobat) before I paid for the whole batch.  I designed them to look like the blog.  I should be getting them in the mail in about a week.  I’ll have to let you know how I like them.

front of card

back of card

Starting this as a business is also the reason for the change in the blog name.  In the back of my head I thought about opening up a shop, or doing a booth, but thought it would happen toward the end of the year.  Well I started telling people that I make and sell things and had to dive in and get things off the ground.  So here we are, business started, with cards to hand out at fairs and to other people I know or meet.

Wish me luck in this endeavor and buy something from me.  Let me know what you want and I’ll get right on making it.  I’ve had 2 orders from friends already, and was able to get their items back in less than a week.

Comic Book Boards


I ordered some of these comic book boards the other day and they arrived a day earlier than expected.  I’m so excited that they are here!  There are 100 boards per pack and I’m already through one pack of them and made a good dent in the other pack.  I bet you didn’t know we had any comic books.  We don’t.  Well, we have like one, but it’s a real book with comics in it.  What does comic book boards and sewing/fabric have to do with each other?  You’ll have to wait to find out because it will take me a few days to get this project all put together.

Stay tuned….I’m going to do a tutorial with how I used these.

*so there are a million tutorials out there for this and it’s not my idea, but I loved it and I just have to share.