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Things we’ve ventured to make in the kitchen.

Taste of Chicago


Taste of Chicago was on my list of things to do this summer.  We almost missed it.  Usually ‘the Taste’ runs for a week or two.  This year, 4 days.  A friend instagramed about their trip, and it reminded me to look up the dates.  We had to go the very next day or else it would be over before we got a chance to go.  It had been raining off and on and Hubby wasn’t to excited about going; I talked him into it.  He hitched up the trailer for C1 and rode our bikes downtown.

For those of you who don’t live in Chicago, Taste of Chicago is the best Festival around.  A bunch of restaurants set up a booth downtown and serve a small ‘taste’ of what their food is like.  You buy a bunch of tickets, then each menu item costs so many tickets.  It’s great for us to see what restaurants we might like to try going to for our date nights.

We started off the day with some delicious garlic potatoes.  The extra butter made it taste even better.

We then made our way to some yummy bruscetta.  We ate it so quick that I forgot to take a picture.  We wanted to make sure we got a main dish so we headed straight for the sausage.  Hubby got the octo-sausage, and I stuck with the traditional on a bun sausage.

For dessert I wanted to try the chocolate covered banana, but when we got to the booth, Hubby wanted the churros.  We figured we could make chocolate covered bananas at home, so we went with the churro.  We also knew we wanted the Rainbow Cone.  So many flavors.

While I went up to the booth to get the Rainbow Cone, Hubby held C1 and stood out of crowd a bit.  Once I used up all our tickets to buy the cone I went looking for my boys and couldn’t see them anywhere. The icecream was melting all over my hand, so I started eating while I was looking.  I looked and ate and looked some more, for 10 minutes, and the icecream and cone was gone.  Frustrated that I had to eat the whole cone by myself, knowing we never designated a spot to meet, just in case.  I headed back to our bikes, and there my boys were, waiting for me.  Hubby was sad that he didn’t get any ice cream as well.  We hopped on our bikes and headed back home.

Tortilla Bowls


For my birthday my Mother gifted me some tortilla bowl pans. You just take your tortilla, and bake it in the pan for a little bit and it hardens into a bowl shape.   Hubby and I make our own tortillas, but now we can make any tortilla into a bowl.  I love it!

So, shortly after I came home from our trip, we made taco bowls for dinner.  It was so much fun, and I loved having all my ingredients in an edible bowl.

We did this again the other night when I made a new recipe Mexican Haystacks.  Instead of using the chips they recommend, we made the bowls.  I changed the recipe a little, because we don’t use sour cream any more, we use Greek Yogurt instead, and I didn’t have the ranch mix, so I used a different mix I had.  Oh, I also didn’t realize I was suppose to do it in the crock pot, so I just did it on the stove top and it worked out fine.  Hubby said it was the best meal I’ve made in a while.  No pictures, but we’ll be making it again, and I suggest you make some too, it’s super yummy.  (*the recipe does make a large portion, so cut it down if needed).

Happy Celebration


Today is my 28th birthday (I think I’m 28, I loose track and feel 24).  Since C1 and I were in Utah visiting family on my birthday and on Mother’s Day; and my MIL has a May birthday as well; I made cupcakes.  MIL and I splurged a little and bought the fancy cupcake liners, but we did have a coupon, so we didn’t pay full price.

I had been wanting to try a recipe I found HERE for pink lemon aid cupcakes, with pink lemon aid frosting.  So I made them to celebrate all these wonderful occasions all in one.  For our birthday’s MIL and I went out to the movies while Grandpa and C1 spent some time together.  We saw “Mirror, Mirror”; which is the evil queen’s version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Good movie and a good one to see with my MIL.  Thanks for the night out.

These cupcakes turned out super YummY.  We didn’t want too many in the house, so we shared them with the neighbors.  I did a simple rose like frosting to make them look like flowers to match the liners we had bought.

BLT Pasta Salad


I find recipes I’d like to try on blogs I follow or on Pintrest.  It’s really fun to find some new fun things to make.  Some get a repeat, and some don’t.  I recently tried a BLT Pasta Salad recipe, and found it to be quite yummy; however it’s not as great the next day.  It would be good for large party type events.  I will continue to make this Pasta Salad, but I’ll make only half a recipe for our family.

I made it for my In-Laws for the first time and my MIL made a fruit salad to go with it (strawberries, bananas with whipped cream).  It was all so very yummy and will be repeated.



A good friend of ours is a foodie, and I love having him over for dinner.  He helps cook and dinner is always delicious.  The other night he came over and we made some pizza.  We made a sweet one and a savory one.  Savory included mozzarella cheese, artichoke hearts, and spinach.

The sweet pizza was red pizza sauce with peaches, pineapple and mozzarella cheese.  With the extra ingredients we made a spinach salad with artichoke hearts, olives and fetta cheese.

It was so yummy.  We need to make these healthy yummy pizzas more often.  Either that or we need to have our friend over more often.  Thank you Friend.

Pink and Yellow


A friend of mine had a baby shower for her second baby (first was a boy, second a girl), and the shower theme  was pink and yellow.  I made some yummy yellow cupcakes with a pink frosting.  I cut out my own cupcake sleeves, which made me want the cricut cartridge to do it for me.

I piped on the pink frosting in a rose pattern.  All in all I’m pleased with how these turned out.  I’ll be doing this rose pattern frosting more often.  It’s super easy and looks great.