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Oh, Wow.


It’s been 3 weeks since my last post.  Sorry.

I’ve been a little lost/out of it.  Hopefully it was all for a good reason.  I mostly took a nap when ever C1 did, so I wasn’t terribly productive these past few weeks.  I do have some things to post about, so I should be able to get back on track this up coming week.   My goal is to post every week day, so I may take this weekend to pre-write some of my posts about the few things I have worked on.  We’ve had some fun and have some fun up ahead of us as well.

Because I don’t like posting without a picture, feast your eyes on this: Rules of the Home:

I found it on pintrest, but apparently didn’t pin it myself, so I can’t link back to the designer.  I’m so sorry designer.  If you know who it is, let me know so I can credit them properly.   I may see if I can adjust the colors in Photoshop and hang it in the kids room or play room one day.

AAAAHHHHH it’s Friday the 13th!

December Review


Here’s what you may not see on the first page from December…

18 December: Re Do

16 December: So This is Christmas

15 December: Tie Chair High Chair

14 December: C1’s First Drawing

8 December: 11 Months

5 December: Christkindle Market

3 December: Baby Showers

1 December: First Word

Oh ya, C1 now knows how to clap his hands.  I’m always so proud of him when he develops a new skill; and think it’s the cutest thing in the world every time he does it.  I still love watching him walk, it’s not a new skill any more, but I’m still proud.

What You Missed in November


Ok, so you didn’t miss it, I just now wrote it and post dated it.   Here are the posts for you to play catch up with me on.  At this rate I’ll be caught up by the New Year and can make a goal to not have to play catch up.

November 1st: Pattern Tester

November 2nd: Santa in the Bathtub

November 7th: TV time

November 8th: 10 months

November 15th: Homemade Tortillas

November 16th: Quilting for Family

November 17th: Walking the Dog

November 19th: Walking

November 20th: Flying to Grandma’s

November 21st: Stairs

November 23rd: Raking Leaves

November 24th: Thanksgiving Day

November 28th: Matching Pants

November 30th: Copy Cat Ruler