Figuring out a routine


Again, because we went to bed so early, we got up pretty early as well.  I’m sure Hubby and I could sleep longer and get adjusted quicker, but C1 is the one waking up and getting us up at all hours of the night.  3am, 4am, he’s up and ready to go.  We have been able to get him to at least be quiet and in bed until 6am until it’s a more reasonable time to get up and going for the day.  Particularly since nothing is open for breakfast.  Today has been a hard day for me.  I’m still not caught up on my sleep, everything around me is foreign, the smells are bad, everything feels at least a slight bit dirty.  I simply just want to go home.  I bawled again.  I feel like I’m trying, but I also understand that it’s only been 2 days, but I want to go home, bad.

We knew Hubby came here to get some work done, and that he would be spending a few hours a day at the University office.  We decided to join Hubby in the office today to see what it looked like and the surrounding area.  I like the office.  It feels, American.  It feels comfortable.  I think I’d like to bring C1’s toys to the office, let him play while I blog, and spend the morning with Hubby there, and then go out and tour and shop when he is done with work.  Also, I’m quite afraid to go anywhere or do much of anything without Hubby around.  I’m so lost, and I don’t speak a lick of Chinese, and I don’t want to get C1 and myself lost.


*The view from some of the offices at University of Chicago at Beijing.  If it wasn’t so smoggy you would be able to see the Great Wall.

By early afternoon we’re done and ready to go.  We grab some lunch at the Subway a few doors down, and head back to the apartment to let C1 nap to see if we can’t get him to sleep in the right time zone.  Of course we all fell asleep, and didn’t get up until 6pm!  We went wondering out for some dinner and barely found anything open.


*Random dinosaur feature in the “kitchen” area.

Once we returned home there is a note on our door from management.  Apparently they thought we were to check out that day and wondered why we hadn’t left yet.  Well, the double booked our room, and make us move to another room.  At first we were on the 3rd floor, and now we’re on the 11th floor.  Quite frankly it feels less dirty and has a better view.  We moved everything that night and were in bed by midnight; only to have C1 wake us up at 4am.  Again we convinced him to stay in bed or our bed until at least 6am.

A good routine I think, and hope it works out well.  Spend the morning at the office with Hubby, then have some lunch and go play in the afternoon, or vice-versa.


*This is a model of Hyde Park, Chicago.  My house is in the upper left corner, I wish I could just transport there.  You may notice the MSI on the right near the TV and the grey strip toward the bottom is the Midway.


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