Day 0


C1 enjoys flying on airplanes.  Typically when we travel we are only on a 3-4 hour flight, and the only time he cries on these flights is when we are landing.  As I try to gather our things to get off, he’s crying that he wants to go again.  Sometimes we have a connecting flight, so I try to comfort him, that yes, we will go again, we just have to get on another airplane.


When we were preparing to go to China the flight was the least of my worries.  I knew that C1 could handle it or even enjoy it.  As I always do, I over packed snacks and toys and entertainment for him.  Especially since on international flights they provide meals and a TV for each seat.  Also, I knew I would be getting up every hour to stretch my legs.

Being 4.5 months pregnant and entertaining a 3 year old went well on our 13 hour flight.  C1 won’t nap on a flight until he has seen all the excitement of the take off.  Between us, he is the one who gets the window seat.  Once we were up and going C1 and I cuddled up and took a good 2 hour nap.  Daddy stayed up and watched his movie, good thing he didn’t fall asleep either, or we would have all missed the first meal.  After that none of us napped for the rest of the flight.  C1 had fun walking around with  me doing stretches, dancing and exercising.

13 hours later, our flight was done, we were through customs in China and had found ourselves a taxi to take us to our apartment.  First I knew China had relaxed rules on kids and car seats, and we actually decided to forgo bringing ours; the only time we planned on being in a car from the apartment to the airport.  Second, when I got into the taxi, I couldn’t find the seat belt for the middle seat, or the buckle for mine.  Not that it wasn’t there, but all the seats were covered in a cloth and covered the belt buckles.  To add on top of all this, the 15-20 min taxi ride turned into at least an hour ride because our apartment is hard to find.  About 30 minutes into our taxi ride and completely worn out C1 is sad, ready to go home, and wants his milk (which was put in the trunk), he turns to me and says, “Mommy, I’m ready to ride the airplane”.  MORE?!?  I think to myself.  “You just rode the plane for 13 hours and you want more?”

After 3 phone calls from the taxi driver to the apartment building, we found where we needed to be and it’s only 6pm China time.  We lugged our 3 suitcases, and 3 carry on bags up the elevator to the 3rd floor and walk into our new home for the next month.  C1 is excited to be “home”, but I on the other hand start sobbing.  It’s the size of a standard dining room, with a bathroom attached.  It includes 2 beds, a “kitchen” and a bay window.  The shower is as big as I am round and I feel like the whole place has a thin layer of yuck.


By 7pm we dig out our pajamas and are asleep.  Only to wake about midnight ready for a new day.  All 3 of us were able go back to sleep until 3am, at which point we got up, fiddled around for a bit, and finally convinced C1 to go back to bed until about 6am.  Of course nothing is open for breakfast and we haven’t had time to run to the store to get the bottled water or snack food we planned on getting.

Day 0: travel day, done.


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