C1 turns 3!


I am so excited to see C1 growing up.  I don’t particularly miss the infant phase of his life, but I think later, I will miss these toddler years.  I think this is my favorite time of life ages 2-4.  I can’t say for sure, because I’m truly enjoying every stage of C1’s life.

I think it was about his first birthday Hubby and I decided to do every other year a friend party and the other years a family party.  Partly because we wanted to save money on so many parties.  I enjoy hosting a good party and like to go all out, so I will be saving money by not doing it every year.

For his First Birthday we invited Mommy and Daddy friends over for some cake, so that was the “family party”.  For his Second Birthday we had a joint party with a friend who is only hours younger than C1; a big vehicles “friend party”.  For his Third Birthday most of his friends had moved away the previous summer, so it made it a little easier to want a family party.  It’s easy for me to change our ‘rule’ and have a friend party every year, I love hosting parties.

In the morning I surprised him with his floor covered in balloons.  He and I have a love for balloons.  He is almost always the first one awake and comes to wake us up.  That morning before I hear his foot steps to our room I hear,  “Mommy, I found balloons!”  He was so excited.  Once he was awake we filled the rest of the balloons with the helium to float around the house.


I had found on Groupon discount tickets for the Winter Wonderfest here in Chicago.  Apparently they have this festival every year here, but this was the first I had ever heard of it.  It’s a wonderful indoor festival with rides and bounce houses and ice skating.  I bought tickets for all 3 of us and away we went on his birthday.


All day C1 was in charge of what we did next.  Sadly in my pregnant condition I didn’t get to ice skate with them, but C1 did very well for his first time.  On his and Daddy’s second time around C1 started pulling Daddy toward the center of the rink instead of holding onto the side.  They did a few bounce houses together.  We decorated a sugar cookie.  We rode the teacups.  We even rode the little train twice.


Once we rode everything C1 wanted at the Winter Wonderfest, we then headed to the Chicago Children’s Museum to validate our parking.  Of course, we can’t go near the Children’s Museum without going in to play for a bit, and we played at a few of the exhibits before heading home.  It was nice to finally have Daddy there to play with.


Days earlier C1 and I started making a complicated cake.  C1 loves helping me in the kitchen, and at one point when I asked him  what he wanted for his birthday and he said, “cake”.  I showed him several images of cakes online and he picked out the one he wanted.  He settled on a construction cake.  After playing all morning, we went home to finish decorating his cake.


I couldn’t leave well enough alone, and didn’t want a ton of cake just for 3 people, so I invited friends over to eat cake.  No party, just cake and ice cream.  I did get everyone a little construction hat to wear as a thank you for coming to eat our cake.  We had 4 friends come over and it was perfect.  The cake was sloppy, but it turned out great.


Happy Birthday to my wonderful 3 year old boy.

Some things about you that I can remember:

*You still love to cuddle.  We cuddle to watch shows, to drink your milk (while you hold onto my ring of course), to read books, and to go to bed.

*You are fully caught up in your speech and even now ahead in speech thanks to 1.5 years of speech therapy.

*People still comment how you are the cutest kid.

*You love to help Mommy, except when it comes to cleaning up your toys.  You help me with my chores and cooking.  You get mad when I do your laundry, because you want to do it yourself.

*You are excited for baby brother to come so you can share your toys.  You hug my belly and say, “I just love baby”.


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