It’s a BOY!


Ah, 2014 is here. Typically, like most of you I make new year goals, but this year I was realistic and didn’t make any. I am however making more of a conscietious effort to be just a little bit better and just do things. I do think about this poor blog every now and again, but alas I still never write. Now I just Instagram and call that good. Toward the end of January I thought, maybe I should write at least once a month about things we did. This way I can have more of a written explanation of things to put with my scrapbook, which I also neglect.

Since we didn’t send out Christmas cards this past year end, I will catch you up on some important information.

*C1 refers to my first child (child 1). I won’t be using any family names here, so please don’t use them in the comments either.

*We are still living in Chicago, finishing up grad school.

*Hubby is/has applied for jobs this year and we hope to be moving this summer to a grand new job.

* As part of Hubby’s dissertation research we will be going to China this year as a family.

*I am (finally) pregnant with C2!!! It’s another BOY and he should be arriving mid to end of June.

Left is C2 at 19 weeks. Right is C1 at 19 weeks.


About thismom

I'm a SAHM and love it. I'm also a wife to a wonderful husband, a fabricaholic and a traveler. Here is my life's adventure as a crafter and a Mother.

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