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Potty Training


It’s been a while, and I’ve been pondering if and how I want to continue this blog.  While it would be good for me to put all sorts of things on here about my family, or really our son, so that grandparents and such could keep up with our lives.  I’ve also put this website on my business cards and tag labels, so I’ve thought about keeping it a craft type blog only.  I’d like to be one of the big craft bloggers out there, but really I don’t have enough to share something every day, I don’t create patterns; which is why people follow craft blogs, for the free patterns and I’m not really into taking that much time and effort into doing either of those two things.  So, for now, I’m just going to share about some things that have been on my mind lately, mostly about parenting in general. I should probably start with a general explanation of what I believe my parenting style is, but I’m not going to.  Maybe soon I’ll write that one.   I will always include pictures, because I mostly look at the pictures on blogs anyway, and decide to read anything based on the pictures.

Today I’d like to share my thoughts on potty training.  First, I will note, that my child is not potty trained yet, and I haven’t really tried to yet.

Months ago, maybe six or so months ago, I started talking to C1 about the potty.  We bought a special seat for out toilet that has a child size seat that is attached and is always there.  {like this one here}  Every now and again I would ask C1 if he wanted to use the potty.  About a month ago, I sat him on the toilet for about an hour and he happened to go pee in the toilet.  We celebrated, but I never pushed anything.


I’m not exactly sure why so many parents are afraid of potty training their child.  Just like when I delivered C1, I was waiting for the Dr. to tell me when to push even though I could tell my body was ready.  I seem to be waiting for C1 to ask me to use the potty.  I’m totally ready to potty train him, and to have him out of diapers.  I’m not scared of the process, or the messes, I’m simply waiting for him, waiting for the age.  Initially I was hoping to have a second child by the time C1 turned 2, so I had hoped to potty train C1 between 18 and 24 months.  Hubby seems to think that kids potty train older and is a little resistant to do anything until closer to 3 years.  I seem to want to have C1 do things at a younger age than Hubby does.  Moving C1 out of his crib and into a bed is a similar story, but I’ll save that for another time.

potty training {}

Since I had been thinking a ton about potty training, and C1 seems to understand how the whole thing works, he’s just not that interested or motivated to potty train.  I decided, it’s time.  We’re going to try the quick.  For C1, I think it will be better to do it as an all or nothing kind of thing instead of a gradual process.  So, two days ago, C1 and I went to the store and got our stock for potty training.  Here is what we got:

*toys, books, color books that he picked out (mostly from the dollar section, but some others that were more)

*stickers and a bag of small candies (m&m’s)

*undies; again, I let him pick them out so he would be excited about them.  He picked trains.

*flush able wipes


*chips, crackers and other salty snacks.

*more sippy cups (mostly because they were on clearance), but now we have plenty of cups, and he’s more excited to drink from a new cup.

*new DVD’s

*potty books

*potty success chart (I actually just printed this off at home from online)

*water proof mattress cover

*water proof pillow cover

Potty Training {}

Here is my game plan.  I have cleared my schedule for 3 days so that I can focus on C1 and his potty needs.  The new DVD’s will be to help entertain us during the day, and also because I wanted new movies.  We’ll also have arts & crafts planned and games planned for us to do during the 3 days so I don’t go crazy being home bound for that long.  We will eat our meals as normal, but we’ll add the salty snacks in between.  We’ll have sippy cups all over the house so their is always a drink within reach.  The snacks and extra drinks are to help produce more potty to be had during the day.  During the 3 day period, C1 will be naked from the waist down, or all the way.  I may put underwear on him, so he gets use to the feeling and learns the difference between underwear and a diaper.

For every time C1 goes pee pee in the potty he will get a small prize; a sticker, a single candy.  We’ll put a sticker on his success chart for every time he goes pee pee.  The chart I chose has 60 spaces to fill, once all the spaces are filled, I’m thinking (hoping) C1 will be pretty well potty trained, our grand prize will be a trip to the zoo.  For now we will teach him to go pee pee sitting down.  POTTY CHART HERE

misstiina_vector_pottychartprince_freebie - Copy

For every time C1 goes poo poo in the potty he will get a sticker for his chart and one of the toys that he picked.  Again, the sticker chart has 60 spaces on it, so he can earn up to 2 stickers for each bathroom visit to work toward going to the zoo.  *As I write I’m still researching different training methods, and have found a fun punch card and may go with that route and change my system a little.  For each poo poo he makes, he’ll get a sticker and a punch.  In the beginning I’ll use the 6 punch card.  Once all 6 are punched, he’ll get a prize.  Once he get’s the hang of it more, we’ll move up to the 12 punch in order to get a prize.  POTTY CARD HERE
I love how creative other people can be, this is a great idea.

the potty card - Copy

During nap time and bed time we will be using the pull ups.  I’m not really that familiar with how dry he is when he wakes, so I’ll use these for sleep only and work on night training as I pay more attention to how wet things are when he wakes.  I understand that during this 3 day period I need more patience than normal.  I will make friends with my mop and my spot cleaner.  We mostly have hard wood floors, but where he plays the most usually has rugs.  During day 2 and day 3 we will venture outside to the park near our house for an hour.  Possibly two, one hour long trips to the park on day 3.  When we go to the park he will wear his underwear.  It’s February, so I don’t want to have nothing on under his pants.

I’ve learned from reading other blogs and websites to not ask about going potty, but to tell him it’s time to go potty. Or, rush him to the potty if he starts going on the floor.  When their is an accident, I won’t get upset; I will most likely say “oh, no.  pee pee goes in the potty”.  Then I will rush him to the bathroom where he can finish his business.   We will not be buying or using a portable potty, or be allowing him to go potty in the living room.  I understand why others might want to do this for the convenience.  However, I don’t want C1 to think that it’s ok to go to the bathroom any where else but the bathroom, on the toilet.

This is the game plan any way. My 3 day training is not planned for almost another week.  I tend to get impatient once I set my mind on something.  I also don’t want C1 to loose the excitement of the toys we just bought.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I started earlier than my chosen 3 day, and then just really pushed it when my 3 day came.