Little People Zoo


C1 is a year and a half, and I’m not hearing him say any actual words. It’s said that by now he should have about 10 words. All of the other moms I talk to tell me not to worry about it, but I look forward to him talking.  I checked with my Dr. at his appointment and she, like me,would like to nip this in the bud before it gets worse. We had the speech therapist come over and do an evaluation.

She told me about some things I can do to help encourage speech. Some of them I have been doing, but some, not so much. Read out loud, talk about what I’m doing, play pretend; as well as some toys, such as noise making puzzles, or the peek a boo barn app.

I couldn’t find the puzzles at the target, so I searched for aother toy. We settled on the little people zoo talkers. A little more than I was planning on spending, but it is an investment in my children and should last him a few years of play.

We bought the zoo, the zoo truck, and one of each of the animals that they had. You put the animal on a special spot in the zoo and it tells you what animal it is and what sound it makes. C1 has been having a lot of fun With this toy.

Grandma has given us the little people airplane. I think I would love to collect the little people toys,this way all his toys are interchangeable. Another toy brand I support and will get as C1 grows is leap frog.


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