Bike for mama


A year or two back I made it a goal that if I was running errands in Hyde Park, then I would walk. I have been doing awesome at this and feared winter would make me start driving again. With such a warm winter, I kept on walking everywhere, and have loved it. I drive the car a couple times a week at most to go downtown for Costco. We started going to the beach a bunch this summer and I love being there, but it’s a 1.25 miles and that was a bit much walking, especially on the way home, when the sun has warn me out.

After we found this bike trailer in the trash, we decided it was time was finally got me a bike as well. I knew I liked the beach cruiser bikes best, since I’m not going for distance. They also have a nice wide seat for my bum.

I got this beauty and have LOVED riding it everywhere. Having a bike has broadened where we go. Now, we ride our bikes to downtown, or navy pier (7-10 miles each way). The first few weeks we went 3-4 times a week. It has slowed down some, but we still ride our bike everywhere. Our poor stroller misses us.


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