Pears in a Jar


A while back, you may remember, I did a post about making Pears of Twine.  I love these pears, but I wasn’t sure how to display them.  I didn’t have a bowl just the right size to fit all three pears, and they don’t stand up on their own.  Then, out in the trash, I found some jars.  Three, the same, from Ikea.  I snagged them up and started using them for other things.  Then I realized, that the jars would be perfect to hold my pears.


I got out some blue sand that I had bought a while back and filled the bottom of the jars with a little bit of sand to help the pears stand up.  I have these sitting on top of our china hutch.


I love how it holds them up to display them and helps tie everything in together.  I also love that just about everything to make this was FREE.  As I mentioned the jars I found in the alley (trash), the light bulbs and twine to make the pears were trash and a hand me down, and a twig for the pear stem from nature.  I’m sure I could have gotten sand from the beach and dyed it blue with food coloring or something, but I had some sand that I purchased a while back, so I used that.

My pear themed kitchen in coming together quite nicely.  I love it.


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