Art Smock


I’ve been wanting to start doing more and more art projects with C1.  Wanting to use paint, I didn’t want his clothes to get too messy.  So I whipped him up an art smock for him.

I used the Oliver + S pattern found in the book “Little Things to Sew”.  I has elastic around the neck and wrists to keep paint out.  This dog fabric is what Hubby got to wrap my serger in for Christmas.  It’s perfect for this art smock.

In the back it has a simple velcro at the top.  I’m sure you could include velcro in more spots along the back, but I just did the one strip at the top.  This way I don’t care if he gets paint on him, the smock is allowed to get stained.

The white table you see is perfect for C1’s art table.  The great thing is, I found it in the trash!  Funny thing is, a week later I saw another on in the trash in black.  Not only did I get a free table, I can pick what color I want!  Chicago sure is great.  Never knew I would be such a dumpster diver.


Happy art creating.


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