I have a sewing student this summer who is on level 2 of sewing.  This is where I teach how to do applique, embroidery, zippers and button holes.  I was trying to think of a project that would cover most of these things all in one or two projects.  I thought of a satchel and a little zip pouch.

We used a pattern from Delia Creates.  I liked her tutorial because it was fairly simple, but we added the extra decor to the front and I added more pockets.  It’s a good level two kind of project.  I wanted to use the red stripe fabric, and had some blue stripe fabric, but now it looks like a 4th of July kind of bag.  I made each of the color lines face different directions, but for the applique, I like how they are going the same direction and offset the color and white.

Another thing I did differently was sewed the bottom corners together so the interior and exterior won’t come apart.  If I were to do this bag again, I would make it a little bigger and maybe even stiffer fabric or a interfacing to stiffen it up a bit more.  You can’t see it, but  since I put my favorite number “3” on the front, I decided to top stitch three times around each area.  I like how my student’s bag is turning out as well and will have to show you once our lessons are over with.

If you live near me, and want to learn how to sew, I’m more than happy to take on students.  Sewing is sew much fun!


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