Summer Swim


We’ve been doing a lot of swimming lately, and I’m finally getting to making a swim robe for C1.

I found this great terry cloth fabric at Vouge Fabrics and it’s been waiting and waiting to be made into a robe for months.  I have enough to maybe even make me a robe out of it.

The pattern i used did not include a hood, but I drew up a pattern for that and added it on.  I love the little loops to hold on the belt as well.  I also enjoy the trim around the front.  I’m thinking maybe next time I’ll do a different color to make it pop just a bit.

I have this in the shop now, so if you would like to buy one in any size from 6 months to 4 years; go to  Once it’s ordered and I know what size, I’ll whip it up in a day or two and ship it on out.  Now we need to go to the beach again to try it out.


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