Word Dress


I got this fabric at IKEA.  It’s a lot more modern that I typically buy, but I just liked it.  Had no idea what I would do with it.  I thought maybe for a liner of a bag or something.  It has been sitting in my stash for a few months, and then I thought, ‘it would be fun to use the word fabric for a shirt’.

As I got out the pattern and the fabric, I thought how I wanted it a long shirt, well, a dress.  The pattern also had a dress pattern, so we lengthened the dress even more and whipped it up.  Because of the white see through (a bit) fabric I use it mostly for going to the beach with my suit on under.  The underarm is a bit tight on my and the neck a wee bit high, but it fits and it’s fun to be wearing such modern clothing.

Because I made this more on a whim, and I don’t typically keep a lot of zippers on hand; I ended up using a red zipper for the back.  With zippers I never know what color I’ll want for a project, or what length I’ll need.  I don’t use them too often as of yet, so my zipper supply is limited.  I actually really like the red zipper with a white and black dress.


Maybe if I can make a lining for it I can wear it out and not just to the beach.


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      • I initially thought of a blouse…maybe a summer skirt… I was worried a print this large might be overwhelming in a dress, but not so, as you have shown….the jury is still out…

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