Bucket Hat


This summer is so hot, it’s sometimes hard to keep sunscreen on.  Lucky for me C1 enjoys wearing hats most of the time and will leave them on.  I made him this bucket hat and it does great at protecting his face and his neck.

It’s a great hat and I love that it’s reversible so he can wear it every day; which he pretty much does.

I should make some more to put in the shop.  I could also add a neck strap to help your little one keep it on their head.  C1 is so good about keeping it on, that I didn’t need to add the neck strap.
A friend joined us at the park, and didn’t have a hat.

So I whipped up this little cut hat just for her.  My brim stitches arn’t all that straight because I was in such a rush, but the hat turned out pretty cute.

I hope you’re enjoying the summer and staying hydrated with all this heat.  Keep covered with a bucket hat.  Coming soon to the shop, or made upon request.  Just send me an email.


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