Quilts Finished


I’ve mostly been posting about all the fun that we’ve been having this summer, which has been great.  But I have been sewing this summer to.  It’s just taken me a while to get pictures of the things I’ve made, so I’m just now getting around to showing them to you.

For these quilts I got the fabric from my MIL stash back in May.  I also did most of the work back in May as well, but some of the quilting and binding didn’t happen until late June.  This first quilt is an hour glass quilt.

With so much color in the fabric collection, I’m glad I chose to do a white.  The hour glass is an easy pattern to do, but it’s a bit time consuming.  I love how this turned out and how bright and fun it is.

For the back I decided to piece some fabrics together.  The salmon color was higher priced than I usually pay, so I didn’t buy as much.  I also made a little mat to put in the room with this quilt to use as matching decor.  I like having a pieced back; something I don’t usually do.


This other quilt was super fun.  It’s a basket weave quilt.  As it sounds, the fabric strips are weaved together just like you would make a basket.  There is a tutorial HERE on how to do this.  I really enjoy these blues and greens.  Once I wash the quilt, the edges will fray a bit, which is the point of this quilt.  It’s also great because as you “piece” the quilt, you are also quilting it.  It’s just tricky to get all your pieces tight while you’re quilting.  But again, am pleased with how this turned out.

As of now, I’m too in love with these quilts to sell them, but maybe in time I’ll make other quilts I love and won’t mind selling these ones.  However, if you are in love with one of them, and really want to buy it, give me a shout and we can possibly work something out.


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