One and a half


I’m not exactly sure why being a year and a half is such a big deal, when no other half birthday seems to be.  We decided to sort of make it a special day to celebrate C1 being alive for a year and a half.

We started by going out to what is known to have Chicago’s best Polish; Jim’s.

We each got a Polish and my, my, they were yummy.  Their fries were quite good as well.

This place is a hotdog stand in a building.  No dining, but there is a shelf along the wall for you to stand and eat.  Even though it was hot, I did feel quite Chicagan.

We then made our way over to the PetSmart to get C1 a fish.

This little guy had a blast looking at all the fishes.  We also go to see the parrots, the dragons, the rats, the guinea pigs and lots of dogs.

We decided on a blue and red beta fish.  We found this submarine on clearance, so I just had to get it.  That’s C1’s little finger.  He is in love with having a fish.  He helps me feed him every day and enjoys watching him.

Once we had our fish picked we went home and got our swim gear on and headed to the gym pool for family swim.

C1 loves the beach, so I thought he would have fun at the pool.  Not so much.  Daddy swam laps, and C1 clung to my neck as tight as he could for the whole hour.  If I loosened my hold on him, he would tighten up.  He had on a float vest, so I was trying to get him to play on his own, but he just would not let go one bit.  I do think he enjoyed watching everyone in the pool though.


Happy one and a half birthday buddy.  We had fun celebrating your life.  I’m so very glad that you are mine and that you are such a cute and happy boy.


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