Community Learning


Today we had a ton of fun and learning without really planning anything.  *the pictures have nothing to do with what we did, but I wanted to post them anyway.  They are just alternate ways that C1 likes to ride in the stroller.

In the morning we heard noises out front so we went down and watched some men cutting up one of the trees.  The branches were dangerously low, and needed to go.  I told C1 all about what they were doing.  After a while we went out the gate to watch them put the tree branches into the machine that grinds them up and spit out the chips.  Then we decided to play in the sprinklers and the puddles.  We were bare foot, so we had a great time splashing in the puddles and made people smile as they walked by.

After his nap I was making lunch and noticed people working out back, so we went out back and watched them work.  A few days before they power sprayed off the decks, and today they were painting on a sealant.  We chatted with them, gave them some ice to freshen up their drinks.  We then went and watched them out the window as we ate our lunch.

After lunch we we called up some friends and headed over to Gymboree for a bit to play.  We were going to head to a fabric store around the corner, but it started pouring rain and the thunder gave us a good surprise scare.  So we went to Target instead.

A few days ago on our walk we stopped and watched how the post man collects the buckets from the mail drops around town.  We also stop and watch construction workers on campus.  We also watch the firetrucks when the pass by us.  I enjoy letting C1 learn about thing that are happening around town.


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