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Flower shirt


I was running low on my boy fabrics, so I went to JoAnn Fabrics to get some more. On my way to the check out I walked past a maniquine that was showing off a pattern for a shirt. I liked the neckline of the short, so I bit. I bought the pattern on a whim and made my way home. I picked out the knit fabric that I wanted to use and got to making myself a shirt.

I love quite a few things about this shirt; the neck line is flattering on me, it was super simple to make, and it doesnt have sleeves, but still covers my shoulder. I tried it on when I was done to show Hubby and he thought It looked a little big around my middle and didn’t look good.

I ended up adjusting the sides by taking them in even more. I am really enjoying my new shirt. It close to the first time using knit fabric and it the only shirt I’ve made myself that fits well.

Shirt refashion


I don’t like to shop for clothes. Most of what is in my closet is a hand me down, homemade or something I just happened to get. Turtlenecks, or high neck lines don’t look good on me, it makes me look larger than I already am. However, half my closet has necklines that are too low. I usually wear a camisole or something under. I don’t like wearing so many layers, especially in this hot summer we have been having.

I decided to finally do something about my shirts. I took all my camisole shirts, cut them up a bit and sewed them into my shirts. Now I can wear my shirts all by themselves and I love it. I have extra shirt parts, so I can “fix” any more shirts I need.

Instagram Week: July 23-29


I’ve sold items and taught sewing to save my money to buy an iPad, but I also would like a bike.  Can’t buy both, which do I buy, iPad or a bike?

Someone is in love.

Now the whole family has a bike.  Where should I take C1 first?

Scream and shout!  I just rode us to Gymboree!  My mile keeper crapped out, but it’s like 10 miles, up a hill past the Target.  I can hardly believe that I made it alive.

Too cute.

Too much yumm.

Rode our bikes to navy pier and rode the farris wheel.

The water feels so good this morning.


Help me reach mommy.

Little People Zoo


C1 is a year and a half, and I’m not hearing him say any actual words. It’s said that by now he should have about 10 words. All of the other moms I talk to tell me not to worry about it, but I look forward to him talking.  I checked with my Dr. at his appointment and she, like me,would like to nip this in the bud before it gets worse. We had the speech therapist come over and do an evaluation.

She told me about some things I can do to help encourage speech. Some of them I have been doing, but some, not so much. Read out loud, talk about what I’m doing, play pretend; as well as some toys, such as noise making puzzles, or the peek a boo barn app.

I couldn’t find the puzzles at the target, so I searched for aother toy. We settled on the little people zoo talkers. A little more than I was planning on spending, but it is an investment in my children and should last him a few years of play.

We bought the zoo, the zoo truck, and one of each of the animals that they had. You put the animal on a special spot in the zoo and it tells you what animal it is and what sound it makes. C1 has been having a lot of fun With this toy.

Grandma has given us the little people airplane. I think I would love to collect the little people toys,this way all his toys are interchangeable. Another toy brand I support and will get as C1 grows is leap frog.

Navy Pier


On Saturday we decided to go for a bike ride up to Navy Pier.  It took a while to get there on our bikes, but we were more about being out and together than getting to our destination quickly.  It’s about 10 miles from our door, to Navy Pier and it took us about 45 minutes.

Once we got there we decided to go on the farris wheel.  So we paid our money and got on the farris wheel and when up and around.  It was Hubby and C1’s first time on this farris wheel.

We then decided to get ourselves a Jamba Juice while we walked around for a bit, then biked back home.  It was a lovely way to spend our Saturday morning.

I’ve been really enjoying riding our bikes and wonder how we didn’t buy me a bike sooner.  I think our Phil & Ted stroller misses us though.

Bike for mama


A year or two back I made it a goal that if I was running errands in Hyde Park, then I would walk. I have been doing awesome at this and feared winter would make me start driving again. With such a warm winter, I kept on walking everywhere, and have loved it. I drive the car a couple times a week at most to go downtown for Costco. We started going to the beach a bunch this summer and I love being there, but it’s a 1.25 miles and that was a bit much walking, especially on the way home, when the sun has warn me out.

After we found this bike trailer in the trash, we decided it was time was finally got me a bike as well. I knew I liked the beach cruiser bikes best, since I’m not going for distance. They also have a nice wide seat for my bum.

I got this beauty and have LOVED riding it everywhere. Having a bike has broadened where we go. Now, we ride our bikes to downtown, or navy pier (7-10 miles each way). The first few weeks we went 3-4 times a week. It has slowed down some, but we still ride our bike everywhere. Our poor stroller misses us.

Instagram Week: July 16-22


Giving our friend Leo some love.

Little man hit the jackpot.

Hours of fun, and hopefully learning.

I made this shirt about 4 years ago, haven’t worn it in a while.

We just rode our bikes to the taste of chicago.  20 miles, and I haven’t ridden a bike in years.

We have the best trash ever.


*ya, right when we were talking about buying one, we found it in the trash!

Morning cuddles

I love finding deals.  I’m going to make some swim shorts our of this, with the grey as the underwear lining.  Wish me luck, I’ve never made swim shorts before.

We’re coloring.