When my friend watched C1 for me all day, so I could have a day off, I wanted to make something for her to show my appreciation.  I heard that she taught a yoga class two times a week, so I thought I would make her a yoga bag.  I thought she might already have one, but it was the best thing I could think of.

It turned out she didn’t have a bag, and was grateful to finally have one.  I made this bag from an Amy Butler pattern.  I made it taller so a larger mat can fit inside, and made the strap longer as well.  My friend is tall, so I wanted her to have room to strap it on her when she rode her bike.  In fact, others in her class loved the bag too, and had me make them a bag as well.

This one was fun to do, and I had just enough fabric for the bag.  The person I gave this to had me shorten the strap to fit her just right.  That’s the bonus of custom crafts; they fit you just right.

This is the one I’m jealous of.  I’ve always loved this fabric, but never sure what to make with it.  As with the first bag, I did the strips in apposing directions and I love it like that.  A yoga bag is perfect for this fabric.  The colors make me want to get out and be active.  Nice large pockets and all.  Maybe I should join in on the yoga class and use my mat and bag.



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