Quilts for kids


Out in blog land there have been some posts about Quilts for Kids. I loved the idea and wanted to join in on the fun. I went to the website and ordered two quilt kits. I waited for two weeks and haven’t seen a package. I gave it a day more and then decided to call and follow up.

Apparently they had just done an add on Greys Anatomy and have had a ton of requests and were behind. They said that if it didn’t arrive in another week, then the order probably got lost and to reorder.

I waited another week and still no quilt kit. I decided not to reorder, but to just use my own fabric. A friend of mine, who recently moved, gave me a stack of fabric. She was going to make a bed quilt, but decided that she wasn’t going to finish, so she gave me the fabric.

We used her fabric and made 5 quilts, according to the size requirements of quilts for kids. We made some simple ones, and some with a little more style. It was super fun to work on these and we got them all done and shipped in a month.


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