Bike for the little man


Every time we are near a bike c1 has to touch it and spin the pedals. With such interest in bikes I decided that we should get him one of his own. I searched Craigslist, asked around to friends and searched the web.

We went with the strider bike in orange from amazon. For some reason, orange was the cheapest color.

I was quite excited when it came in the mail, but not as excited as C1. I stared pulling everything out of the box and he was squealing. There was some assembly required, but I couldn’t get it put together. Not because it was hard, but because C1 was trying to ride it without a seat or wheels. I had to fight him off to get the thing ready for him to ride.

Once assembled he rode up the hallway; as slow as can be. I decided to take him and his new bike outside where he had more space, but he was screaming and crying at me, just trying to get it out the door.

I’m surprised he knows how the thing works. He has never ridden a bike, and he hops on like hes an old pro. I don’t think he is even sitting on the seat, but just walking with the bike between his legs. He goes super slow, because, well it’s hare to walk with a bike between your legs. He is so happy walking around with this thing and is in love.

I like this bike because it fits him at 18 months old, and will teach him balance for when he is ready for a bigger bike. I think these bikes are for 18 month to 4 years, so it should last him a while.


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