Park Play


Since we can’t fit very many or large toys at our house, we play a lot outside.  Lucky for us there are two parks just around each corner from us.  We go to the park a lot and C1 loves it.  One park is just toys for kids to play, the other has toys and an open field for the dog to play too.

C1 enjoys throwing the ball for the pup…

Playing on the swings…

and riding on the rocket…

but my favorite is when he grabs my finger and runs.

We also walk to a park about a half mile away for play group to play with other kids and moms.  Sometimes there are treats and they get all over our face.

It makes me wonder what we’re going to do this winter, then outside time might be more limited.  Although, with the heat we’ve been having we’re spending more time inside to keep cool. Happy Summer.


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