Sand Toys


I recently made a bag to hold all of our sand toys in.  I copied Delia Creates for her produce bag.

She has a great tutorial on her bog.  You just take a t-shirt, sew a little, cut some slits and your done.  Gather your sand toys.

And you’re ready to go.  These are great for anything really.  I like that the bag doesn’t fill up with sand for these toys.  But it would also be great for produce so that it can get some air.  I keep my bag and things stored in our stroller, so that when ever we’re out and happen to stop by the park, we have toys to play with.

This boy enjoys carrying it around.  He holds it at the nook of his elbow.  I just can’t get enough of this kid (when he’s being cute).  Head on over to Delia Creates and learn how to make some of your own bags.


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