My Day Off


As a Mom, you don’t really ever get a day off.  It’s a 24/7 kind of job.  Earlier this month we had a miscarriage, so a friend of mine was kind enough to take C1 so that I could have a day off.  It was wonderful.  I had time to do what ever I pleased without having to be a jungle-gym to my boy.

I started by watching a bit of TV while I sorted through our 2010 and 2011 year end files.  I usually do this at the beginning of each year, but C1 was born and I just never got around to doing it until now.  It felt good to go through all that and finally get it cleaned out.

Next I figured out how I wanted to quilt a quilt I’ve been working on.  I bought and started cutting the fabric for this quit May of 2011.

It feels good to finally be quilting this thing.  I’m not that great yet at machine quilting, but with practice, I feel like I’m getting a little better.

I’m loving how this is turning out.  I don’t usually use solid colors or white in my quilts, but I LOVE this quilt.

It looks so good on our bed.  It did take me a few days to hand bind this thing, but it’s now done and I’m so in love.  I still have the pillow cases to make and the pillow shams.  The pattern for the quilt is “Jenny’s Garden”


All in all I really enjoyed my day off.  I took my time in the shower which was nice.  Hubby picked up C1 about dinner time, we ate, put him to bed and spent time together as a couple.  I hope I can have a few more days off in my 20 something year career as a Mother, it sure was nice.


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  1. I am glad you had a nice and successful day off. I am sorry for your loss; it is hard though I haven’t been there I can’t imagine. i pray for you and I hope all goes well. 😉

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