At the Beach with Cousin


You’ve seen him on here before, my cousin who lives in WI.  He came down for a half a day to spend some time with us.  C1 thinks the world of my cousin.  We’re teaching C1 to call him Uncle.  He is really recognizing him quick when he comes down (he’s no longer a stranger) and will go to him instead of me sometimes.

We decided to spend our time at the beach.  C1 loves going to the beach.  We had a great relaxing time.  My cousin would put C1 on his shoulders and we would walk out as far as we could.  We made it up to our chests before deciding to turn back in.

We enjoyed being outside, having nothing to do and just taking our time.  My cousin is great, and it’s been such a blast getting to know him better.

After the beach we went out to dinner, and then to Cold Stone Creamery.  Hopefully next time we see my cousin, it will be us up in WI cheese tasting or something.  Thank you cousin for coming to see us, you are welcome any time.


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