Quilting up a Storm


I tell my Mom frequently that she needs to finish projects that she has started.  And yet, I am starting new projects all the time without finishing others.  I also read recently about Quilts for Kids on a few of the blogs I follow.  I ordered my quilt kit and while I waited for it to arrive, I decided to finish up some of the quilts I had started, but not quite finished.  These two quilts will be going in the shop.


This one is fun because of the fuzzy of the squares and the fun colors.  A straight line quilting with a fun green stripe on the back.


This next one also has the fuzzy fabric, but is accompanied by pinwheels.  A much smaller quilt, with some stippling throughout.

I’ve learned that I really enjoy making these smaller baby sized quilts, they go quite quick.  The great feeling of a finished product is great, and I get to try out some techniques I’ve been wanting to try.


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  1. I especially like the grinning guy holding the quilt! Seriously, your quilts are beautiful and the best part is, you are having fun making them.

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