Instagram Week :June 4-10


Giddy Up

Proof that we’ve been outside today.  He LOVES the water

C1 goes to Chicago.

I love that he reminds me to stop and smell the flowers.

Drum head.  It almost got stuck.  He’s a funny boy.

That’s the inside of my elbow.  I hope your day was better than mine today.

Chairs for U of C graduation.

Water shooter at MSI

Owie.  He fell off the couch, which wasn’t bad, except he landed on a snap button.

He LOVES the water at the beach.  A great day to be here.

Turns out I love the beach to.  I knew I liked the beach, but I don’t like being out in the hot sun or wearing a bathing suit.  But I love the sand and the water.

He’s the best daddy ever.  Love them both so much.


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  1. I was smiling and smiling at all of the pictures until I came to the one with the injury! That must have really hurt. It’s not easy being a kid!

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