Beach Day


A friend invited us to the beach, and I’m sure glad we went.  It was a little too hot for my liking, but the water felt so good.  I didn’t take my suit, so I only got in up to my knees with C1; but we had a great time.

At first I went in with C1 and he was careful to hold my hand.  I would only go as far as he wanted to; which was up to his chest.  He tripped a few times and got his face wet, but I was right there to pull him up.

We then got out his sand toys and he enjoyed filling his bucket.  After about an hour and a half, I let him venture into the water on his own.  He was very careful, and didn’t dare go too deep without me.  I was only a few feet away and kept a close eye (don’t worry MIL, I was careful).

We made a little friend at the beach.  He also had a bucket, so they would take turns filling them with water or sand.  They played for hours.  (Yes MIL, I put sun lotion on him several times).

It was very cute to watch them follow each other up and down the beach, and into the water.  This little boy even helped C1 put his hat back on when C1 took it off.


I think we’ll have many more beach days this summer.  But next time I’m getting in the water and taking some floaties for the boy.  I’m grateful that we only live a mile from the beach and that we can walk so easily.


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