Free Day


Every now and again the museums around here will have free days.  I like to keep up on when they are so we can go to the museums.  This week it was the Planetarium and the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI).  On Tuesday we went to the Planetarium.

David and I have been before and we thought it was pretty cool, but this time, with C1, it seemed rather empty.  They do have a section just for kids to play, and that was decent, but I wasn’t impressed this time around.

Then on Thursday we went to to MSI with a friend.  C1 enjoys the children’s section there.  They have a wide range of activities for a wide range of ages.  Which was nice.

C1’s favorite was the balls.  You take them from the water and put them in a tube that sucks them up and across the room, where they go back into a stream of water that brings them back to the tube.  Of course he loved it, it’s balls and water; his two favorite things.

It’s been so good for us to get out of the house.  He loves being outside or going places.  He’s not a homebody like I am.  I do enjoy being a tourist, but I also love a good day at home.  What do you do to explore your city?

I use to think I hated living in Chicago, but really, there are only a few things I don’t like about it.  I quite like that there is a ton to do with very little effort.


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