Yesterday my phone died on me.  I’ve been having issues getting it to charge for a few days, and that was a bummer, but I could work around that.  Then yesterday when a phone call was made; who ever was making the call could not be heard.  Someone would call me and i couldn’t hear them; I would call them back and they couldn’t hear me.  It was frustrating to say the least.

We have been looking into getting the new Droid 4 for months now, and were waiting for it to go on sale.  The day my phone died was the day it went on sale.  So we rushed to a Verizon store and purchased ourselves new phones.  We usually get the same phone, but one has a case so we can tell them apart.  This time I decided to go with a pink case.  A little different for me, but it’s fun.  And of course with any new toy, you have to play with it for as long as possible to figure out how it works and get it set up to just how you like it.
As I was uploading apps, I found ‘instagram’ and signed up for that.  I love it.  I’m not much of a facebook person, and I don’t twitter or anything like that, but I love that instagram is to share every day photos of every day life and make a little comment about what is going on.

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I’ll be posting a lot of photos like this:

Mostly pictures of C1, other times it will be my crafts; and occasionally the dog, hubby and me.


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