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When my friend watched C1 for me all day, so I could have a day off, I wanted to make something for her to show my appreciation.  I heard that she taught a yoga class two times a week, so I thought I would make her a yoga bag.  I thought she might already have one, but it was the best thing I could think of.

It turned out she didn’t have a bag, and was grateful to finally have one.  I made this bag from an Amy Butler pattern.  I made it taller so a larger mat can fit inside, and made the strap longer as well.  My friend is tall, so I wanted her to have room to strap it on her when she rode her bike.  In fact, others in her class loved the bag too, and had me make them a bag as well.

This one was fun to do, and I had just enough fabric for the bag.  The person I gave this to had me shorten the strap to fit her just right.  That’s the bonus of custom crafts; they fit you just right.

This is the one I’m jealous of.  I’ve always loved this fabric, but never sure what to make with it.  As with the first bag, I did the strips in apposing directions and I love it like that.  A yoga bag is perfect for this fabric.  The colors make me want to get out and be active.  Nice large pockets and all.  Maybe I should join in on the yoga class and use my mat and bag.


Lincoln Park Zoo


A friend invited us to go to the zoo with her and her 3 kids.  We packed us all in her car and went to the Lincoln Park Zoo.  It was nice to just take our time and walk around.

We saw the monkeys inside.  It was hard to tell what C1 thought.  He seemed to like looking at the monkey, but didn’t want to get to close.  He didn’t understand that the glass would protect him from the monkey.

We went in the afternoon, so we mostly walked around the open areas to see the animals.  It was fun to get out with friends and to see the animals.  C1 loves to run on his own and go where ever he pleases, this was a great day to just let him go.


Quilts for kids


Out in blog land there have been some posts about Quilts for Kids. I loved the idea and wanted to join in on the fun. I went to the website and ordered two quilt kits. I waited for two weeks and haven’t seen a package. I gave it a day more and then decided to call and follow up.

Apparently they had just done an add on Greys Anatomy and have had a ton of requests and were behind. They said that if it didn’t arrive in another week, then the order probably got lost and to reorder.

I waited another week and still no quilt kit. I decided not to reorder, but to just use my own fabric. A friend of mine, who recently moved, gave me a stack of fabric. She was going to make a bed quilt, but decided that she wasn’t going to finish, so she gave me the fabric.

We used her fabric and made 5 quilts, according to the size requirements of quilts for kids. We made some simple ones, and some with a little more style. It was super fun to work on these and we got them all done and shipped in a month.

Instagram June 18-24


I just don’t understand who would buy a neon suit jacket.

This way he can be in charge of the cart all by himself.  Until he found the toys anyway.

Going down the slide.

Lunch date with Mommy.

C1 decided to help me baste a quilt by putting tape on the chair.I can’t get any sewing done, he just wants to be outside.  I kind of don’t blame him, it is beautiful out.

Doughnut dessert

Love my cuddle boys.

This is quite a drop, he sure knows how to scare his mama.

Bike for the little man


Every time we are near a bike c1 has to touch it and spin the pedals. With such interest in bikes I decided that we should get him one of his own. I searched Craigslist, asked around to friends and searched the web.

We went with the strider bike in orange from amazon. For some reason, orange was the cheapest color.

I was quite excited when it came in the mail, but not as excited as C1. I stared pulling everything out of the box and he was squealing. There was some assembly required, but I couldn’t get it put together. Not because it was hard, but because C1 was trying to ride it without a seat or wheels. I had to fight him off to get the thing ready for him to ride.

Once assembled he rode up the hallway; as slow as can be. I decided to take him and his new bike outside where he had more space, but he was screaming and crying at me, just trying to get it out the door.

I’m surprised he knows how the thing works. He has never ridden a bike, and he hops on like hes an old pro. I don’t think he is even sitting on the seat, but just walking with the bike between his legs. He goes super slow, because, well it’s hare to walk with a bike between your legs. He is so happy walking around with this thing and is in love.

I like this bike because it fits him at 18 months old, and will teach him balance for when he is ready for a bigger bike. I think these bikes are for 18 month to 4 years, so it should last him a while.

Park Play


Since we can’t fit very many or large toys at our house, we play a lot outside.  Lucky for us there are two parks just around each corner from us.  We go to the park a lot and C1 loves it.  One park is just toys for kids to play, the other has toys and an open field for the dog to play too.

C1 enjoys throwing the ball for the pup…

Playing on the swings…

and riding on the rocket…

but my favorite is when he grabs my finger and runs.

We also walk to a park about a half mile away for play group to play with other kids and moms.  Sometimes there are treats and they get all over our face.

It makes me wonder what we’re going to do this winter, then outside time might be more limited.  Although, with the heat we’ve been having we’re spending more time inside to keep cool. Happy Summer.