Tortilla Bowls


For my birthday my Mother gifted me some tortilla bowl pans. You just take your tortilla, and bake it in the pan for a little bit and it hardens into a bowl shape.   Hubby and I make our own tortillas, but now we can make any tortilla into a bowl.  I love it!

So, shortly after I came home from our trip, we made taco bowls for dinner.  It was so much fun, and I loved having all my ingredients in an edible bowl.

We did this again the other night when I made a new recipe Mexican Haystacks.  Instead of using the chips they recommend, we made the bowls.  I changed the recipe a little, because we don’t use sour cream any more, we use Greek Yogurt instead, and I didn’t have the ranch mix, so I used a different mix I had.  Oh, I also didn’t realize I was suppose to do it in the crock pot, so I just did it on the stove top and it worked out fine.  Hubby said it was the best meal I’ve made in a while.  No pictures, but we’ll be making it again, and I suggest you make some too, it’s super yummy.  (*the recipe does make a large portion, so cut it down if needed).


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