The Color Run 5K


I did it!  I can hardly believe that I did it.

It’s been the the back of my mind to someday participate in a 5K, but only someday.  Then I saw on Pintrest about the Color Run.  It looked like so much fun,  that I signed up me and hubby.  The Chicago location was sold out, so we went to the next closest location; Racine, WI.

From the time I signed up to the race was only a little over a month.  I could barely jog a full mile, let alone 3  miles.  I would walk/jog every morning with a friend, pushing C1 in the stroller.  However I wasn’t making much progress.  I got close to two miles, when I went on a two week vacation to the in-laws, where I only went jogging once.  When I got home (a week and a half before the race), I could barely go the one mile I had already concurred.

Hubby and I trained a few times together and we went almost 3 miles in 35-40 minutes; our goal was to complete the race in half an hour.  Hubby is more use to jogging than I am, he can go on and on without stopping, so I slowed him down a bit, but he was so kind to stick right by my side pushing me to keep jogging (instead of walk), the entire time.

My cousin drove down from Milwaukee to stand on the sidelines with C1, so we wouldn’t have to  push him during the race; we really didn’t want him and the stroller covered in the color.  On our drive up, I felt sick.  I do tend to get car sick, but this was the worst, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to do the race at all.

We showed up around 2p even though the race didn’t start until 5p, and seeing the line to register at 4p I’m so glad we showed up early.  The finish line (as well as the last leg of the race) was right along the lake.  It was such a beautiful view.

Just before 5p we found our spot at the start line.  Since the Color Run isn’t a timed race, they let off a wave of people every 5-8 minutes.  We counted down to the first start, and I was more nervous than excited.  As everyone in front of us started moving, so did we.  I started my RunKeeper on my phone to time how we did.  We slowed and came to a stop.  We were far enough back we didn’t make it out until the third wave of people.  I started my phone again, but later looked down at it, and it wasn’t working.  Darn.

Lots of people were not taking the race seriously, they were walking the whole way, or they would stop on the sides, to take pictures.  One lady near us at the start line was wearing her jean shorts and her sandals.  We started off slow and steady.  I would have been easy to push myself too fast with the rush of people around me, passing me, but not that far into the race I was the one passing people; weaving in and out to keep up my steady pace.  It felt good to pass people.

In all I think we only walked a quarter mile, but I power walked, so we never slowed down to a stroll or anything.  Running through the color sections was a thrill.  We would raise our arms and scream and shout as we went through.  We also had our bandana’s up covering our faces, so we didn’t get the color in our mouths.  It was just baking powder, but it did not taste good at all.  Toward the end of the race, we did find my cousin with C1, and they were able to cheer us on, and take some pictures.  Shortly after that, Hubby had to really cheer me on, I didn’t know if I could make it without stopping.  He kept screaming, “Here’s the finish line, here’s the finish line”.  People around us looked at him funny.  But it was motivating me to keep going, so I would just scream, “YEA!”, soon we wern’t the only one’s screaming for joy.

The flags seemed to be camouflaged, because as we approached them, I kept thinking, that’s it?  That’s the end?  I thought it would be a little more dramatic than it really was.  We started to slow to a walk after we finished, and they had us all gather on the grass to throw our own color packets up in the air for a celebration.  We waited around for that to happen, caught up with my cousin and our boy.  The throwing of the color looked really cool, but then soon, the colors mixed and it didn’t look as pretty.

According to our watches, we left the start line at 5:16p and arrived at the finish line at 5:46p.  We had made our goal of 30 minutes!  I just jogged my first ever 5K in 30 minutes.  I’m so proud of myself for doing it and grateful to my Hubby for supporting me the entire time.  Thanks dear.


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