Scraps Buster


I recently had the opportunity of visiting my in-laws and I enjoy going through other peoples fabric scraps.  I started sorting and making up projects to make with the scraps.  Apparently my SIL had made a Christmas quilt and left the scraps with my MIL.  They were all pre cut into squares, so I decided to make a table runner out of them.

I layed them out in a few different patterns and decided on this.  Because I only had so many pieces to work with I had to come up with something that I already had.  The larger one was what I made first.  I made it for my MIL so she helped with some of the decisions.  We picked solid red for the back and binding, and she also wanted red thread for the quilting.  A simple lattice quilting makes this look really nice.  I had even a few more scraps in the Christmas theme, so I made the top runner, much smaller, and did some applique, but this one is for me.   I love to use up scraps so they don’t just sit in a bin, but can also become something beautiful.


As my Mom said “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without”.


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