Happy Celebration


Today is my 28th birthday (I think I’m 28, I loose track and feel 24).  Since C1 and I were in Utah visiting family on my birthday and on Mother’s Day; and my MIL has a May birthday as well; I made cupcakes.  MIL and I splurged a little and bought the fancy cupcake liners, but we did have a coupon, so we didn’t pay full price.

I had been wanting to try a recipe I found HERE for pink lemon aid cupcakes, with pink lemon aid frosting.  So I made them to celebrate all these wonderful occasions all in one.  For our birthday’s MIL and I went out to the movies while Grandpa and C1 spent some time together.  We saw “Mirror, Mirror”; which is the evil queen’s version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Good movie and a good one to see with my MIL.  Thanks for the night out.

These cupcakes turned out super YummY.  We didn’t want too many in the house, so we shared them with the neighbors.  I did a simple rose like frosting to make them look like flowers to match the liners we had bought.


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