Rooster Runner


My Mom has a rooster type theme in her kitchen.  She also has an accent wall painted red.  I was shopping at Hancock Fabric and found a fabric that looked perfect for my Mom’s kitchen.  I had to buy it and make her something.  I decided on a table runner.  Since I’m not good at drawing, I searched online for some cute rooster applique patterns.  I found one that was exactly what I was looking for.  I had the pattern as a wall hanging in a cluster of four squares, so instead I did them all in a row and made it the size I wanted.  The runner turned out bigger than I anticipated, hopefully it will still fit on my Mom’s table.

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.  If I had a red rooster kitchen I would love to keep it.  But alas, my kitchen is blue and green and pears.  I hope my Mom enjoys her new runner and I hope the colors are right.  Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I love you.


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  1. Great work! You did an awesome job on it and I’m sure she’ll love it; if it doesn’t fit on the table I’m sure she’ll hang it on the wall but I am sure it will fit. Keep up the great sewing!

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