Pears of Twine


Since I’ve decided to pears in  my kitchen, I’ve been keeping my eye out for pear ideas.  In all the blogs I follow I saw this cute idea found on Grosgrain.  It’s light bulbs turned into pears, by covering them with twine.  I had the twine on hand, but we only have the newer spiral light bulbs, so I didn’t know where to get old round light bulbs.  A neighbor had put a sack of light bulbs in the basement (we live in a condo, so we share the basement); saying they were for free.  I love it!  A price I’m willing to pay.  I snagged 3 of them up, plugged in my hot glue gun and started wrapping the twine around them.  We went outside and got a twig for the stems and they were ready to go.  C1 tries to grab at them, but I don’t know how fragile they are now being covered in glue and twine, so I be sure to not let him play with them.

Hubby seems to only see that they are light bulbs, but a friend hadn’t seen a round light bulb in so long, he only saw that it was a pear.  I’m pleased with the result.  I’ve been doing well at finding brown pear items.  Blues and greens are hard to match, and I’ve made everything I want out of fabric with matching fabric, so having all the brown accent pears is a great touch.


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