The Party Hutch


I’ve mentioned this hutch before, and quite honestly didn’t think I’d get it painted very quickly.  Partly because I couldn’t decide on a color which holds me back from buying paint.  Also, it just wasn’t high on my project list.  Then I heard an ad on the radio that Ace Hardware was giving away a free quart of paint to help advertise their new brand ‘Kensington and Clark’, so I stopped by to get paint for C1’s room, but then found an “oops paint” for C1’s room, and it was too late to tell the guy I wanted a different color, so I got my free pint in yellow.  I also had some green at home that we bought when we were painting our home, and debated between the two.  Hubby is particular about his green, so I went with yellow for the hutch.

It took two coats, and I had to paint during C1’s naps since he wanted to ‘help’, and I couldn’t let him.

I’m pleased with the outcome and with the lighter color, it helps our dining room feel open and not like there is a big piece of furniture in the way.  It’s also nice to have all of my party type items in one spot nice and organized.


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