A friend of ours had free tickets to get into the Brookfield Zoo (although you still had to pay for parking), and she wasn’t going to use them, and offered them to me.  They expired the next day, so off we went to the zoo.

It was kind of cool day, so we bundled up and took the zoo trolly and saw the zoo.  We did get off the trolly to see the animals, but we mostly went to the indoor sections.

We stopped to have lunch at the zoo; hubby had buffalo meat burger.  The trolly also took us around to see the outdoor animals, and we got to see quite a bit.  It was fun.

I really enjoy exposing C1 to new experiences and letting him learn and figure things out and have new opportunities to play.

*I really like this picture of me.  I know most women avoid wrinkles as much as possible, but I LOVE crows feet wrinkles.  You know, the ones on the outside of your eyes.  Caused by smiling.  They are beautiful wrinkles to me, and I’m proud to be getting some on my eyes.

It’s fun being a tourist in our own city.


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